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How To Transition From Fall to Winter Bedding

Transitioning from fall to winter bedding can be difficult for those who have just recently purchased a new bed and realized that their old bed is no longer quite as warm or comfortable as it was when it was still a little bit cold outside. Fortunately, there are now very many manufacturers of winter bedding who are very experienced in making high-quality and extremely warm bedding for both spring and fall. This is because the majority of people who purchase winter bedding are looking to make sure they get plenty of sleep during the winter and to feel comfortable in their beds all season long. With so many people looking for this type of bedding it has become important to have someone knowledgeable who can help them select the right kind of coverlet for their specific needs.

One of the most popular pieces of winter bedding that manufacturers offer today is a combination of wool and cotton coverlets. These types of covers not only keep you warm but also make for a very comfortable night’s sleep, especially if you opt for a warm winter bed without moving a mattress. Some people even choose to use a combination of wool and cotton as well as a combination of wool and memory foam mattress topper. A memory foam mattress topper works particularly well for transitioners because it provides an extra level of comfort that can only be found with memory foam. If you are unsure about which kind of wool or cotton combination to purchase for your bed then you can always visit a local department store and ask one of the salespeople which is the best option for your needs. They are usually more than happy to help you in any way possible.

The other thing that is especially helpful in transitioning from fall to winter bedding is a winter bed cover. The transition can be made even easier if you buy a coverlet that goes with the specific type of bed that you have purchased. Many people choose to use winter bed covers that go with a specific manufacturer so that they can have a consistent winter cover throughout their home. You can find covers that are specific to a specific manufacturer as well. Just look around for what’s available and you’re sure to find the perfect coverlet for your winter transition.

How Can You Transition From Fall To Winter Bedding

Fall and winter are the perfect times of the year when it’s fun to transition your bedroom decorating scheme into a more elegant winter theme. Fall wedding themes are very elegant, romantic, regal, and sophisticated. Fall weddings are often held around Halloween and other holidays. Many couples opt to tie the theme of their fall wedding decorating to their unique tastes and personalities.

  • Choose Complementary Colors: If your home has a fireplace in it, you can easily dress up the room by choosing complementary colors of your bedding as well as your fireplace surround. One idea is to choose the colors of the walls to match the reds, oranges, and yellows of your fireplace. Or you could complement the warm tones of orange and reds in your walls with a splash of another warm color like burgundy or chocolate. For a great fall look, use warm earth tones and beiges. The addition of an antique rug can add just the right touch. Also, after all these efforts, if your bed is squeaky then all fun would end. You need to look for solutions of how to stop a bed from squeaking.
  • Look For Elegant Designs: If you want to keep your winter bedding relatively neutral, there are some excellent options for you. You can find exciting, contemporary designs that are truly elegant and will work perfectly with any decorating scheme. Look for modern-looking, yet handmade and country-style bedding. Those with lace details and feathers tend to be more sophisticated and modern, while those that incorporate beads and nature-toned fabrics are often more autumn-like.
  • Create An Ambience: Another way to get the feel of fall is to create a warm ambiance in the room. You may consider choosing throw pillows, decorative throws, and cozy blankets that feature warm fabrics. Choose colors that compliment the color palette of your room so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space. Look for bedding sets that include cozy knit crib bumper covers, baby blanket sets, and matching curtains. Look for pieces that feature textured cotton, rich chocolate, soft velvet, or autumn-hued cotton for a great fall feel.
  • Use Warm Colors: Another idea that you can add to your fall-inspired bedroom is to use warm fall colors. You can start by using crisp, white bedding. This will give your room a clean, crisp look that works well with any color scheme. However, if you find that you want a little bit of color in the room, don’t be afraid to explore different shades. You can also consider a dramatic fall palette that features deep oranges, rich browns, earthy neutrals, and warm creams.
  • Look For Co-ordinated Pillows: Once you have established a color palette, you can move on to coordinating accent pillows, window treatments, and other bedding accessories. A stylish handbag or tote bag in one of autumn-inspired colors, such as brown or black, is a simple and effective way to create the look of fall. If you like, you can complement the bag with complementary color-block or patterned sheets. Textures like stripes, polka dots, or checkered prints can update an old fall bedding set. You can even choose to pair your fall look with a neutral-colored duvet cover.


Accessories are key when you’re looking for ideas on transitioning from fall to winter bedding. Cozy sweaters, lined wraps, and oversized hats are all ideal for keeping you cozy and warm during the cooler months. For those who like a more polished look, consider embellishing their winter bedding sets with sequins, beads, and embroidery. You can also update your existing fall bedding set by using organza wraps and quilted wraps. Lace and brocade curtains in pretty shades of red, burgundy, and green will look lovely with these new additions. Finally, remember that there are plenty of other ways to update your bedroom decor, including wall art, bedding, and furniture. If you would like to know more about long single mattresses head over to Sleep Republic.


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