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The Doors of fun you can unlock with lock Picking!

Lock picking does not always have to be associated with crime. It actually belongs to the art of physical bypassing. Physical bypassing is a term used to explain going through or around something using non-conventional means. People who practice bypassing as a hobby or a job are called bypassers. Lock picking using lock picking sets is a major part of physical bypassing and is practised by a variety of people from different backgrounds for different purposes. Lock picking has become a fun, popular hobby in recent years. It involves spatial thinking, problem-solving and depends heavily on motor skills. All these complexities make it an interesting activity to learn, but a tough skill to develop. Lock sport is also a recent creation. This is a new sport where bypassers challenge themselves to pick new and tougher locks.

The gentle and intensely complicated art of lock picking

Lock picking is a subtle art. It is a very soft and silent technique, leaving no trace of ever being performed. An experienced master of lock picking can visualise the inner workings of a complex lock with just his lock picking tools. The elegance of this art is seen in its refined nature of the usage of minimal tools and gives a silent thrill of sabotage. This combination makes it incredibly addicting. There are broadly two ways of lock picking, they are:

Single pin picking: This is a method of lock picking that involves only one piece of equipment. It is used to pick the simpler types of locks. There are about six different pins used in this method. The type of pin used is all-important in this form of lock picking

Raking: This is a rougher and faster method of lock picking. Two pins are required for this method. This involves manipulating as many pins as possible at the same time. There are three different ways rakes are used in lock picking.

  • Scrubbing
  • Rocking
  • Zipping

The importance of lock picks

Lock picking is one hobby that completely depends on the equipment used. Using the right set of lock picks makes the difference between success and failure here. There are about ten different lock picks used in lock picking, with all of them having different functions. The different lock picks are:

The short hook: This is the common, beloved pick used mostly in single pin picking. Achieving mastery in this is considered as mastery of the entirety of lock picking.

The Gem: This pointy small hook pick is another of the classics, having good manoeuvrability and agility. It is well set for single pin picking.

Half diamond made with a mix of the short hook and the gem. The half diamond is not exactly a hook, but it is mostly used like one. It’s most beneficial to locate the pins as fast as possible.

Deep hook: Strictly used for single pin picking. The deep hook has a direct design with a sharp hook and extra length for better reach.

Peterson Reach: Again this is a hybrid pick of the standard hook and the deep hook. This combines agility and reach, making it rather popular.

Deforest diamond: A combination of the gem and the short hook. The deforest diamond is hated or loved by bypassers because of its special features.

Apart from the single pin picking picks, there are the raking picks called the Bogata, Snake rake, City rake and the Batarang. All these picks are used in combination with other picks during lock picking.

Choose the right lock picking set

As seen above, lock picking highly depends on the equipment. This makes choosing the right lock picking set to begin your lock picking journey very important. Keep in mind that efficiency and comfort during the use of picks are more important than the looks of the picks. Buy one with the most variety of picks to gain exposure to the usage of these new types.

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