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All about fridge slides!

Can you say you are a four-wheel-driving enthusiast or a fanatic setting up camp excursions? Then, at that point, including an ice chest and going with an ice chest slide is an outright should. A 4WD ute with a compact cooler slide is something other than an extravagant expansion to your vehicle; it’s fundamental for keeping the food pristine and your lagers overall quite cold. If you desire to carry on with the rough terrain, a great refrigerator and slide is the best approach.

There are fridge slides, and afterwards, there are ice chest slides and realizing the distinction can have a significant effect. Understand the various kinds of slides available and the various kinds of uses; we’ve incorporated all the data you want to know to get everything rolling.

What to think about while searching for a refrigerator slide


Each vehicle has an alternate measure of room accessible for consolidating a compact refrigerator. Past adjustments, alterations, and fittings you’ve added to your car will affect how much space is left. The size of your refrigerator will have to mirror the size of the area it’s going in.

Refrigerator shape

You could consider all refrigerators coming in one shape, yet there’s a critical assortment accessible available. Lengths, shapes, and widths fluctuate, so you should ensure that the cooler and the going with slide fit your four-wheel-drive or ute space state.

Opening style

A few versatile ice chests open from the side, whereas some open from the top. You could incline; however, your vehicle’s setup could pressure you into action without a doubt. Your refrigerator slide should work with admittance to your ice chest, so make a point to examine how the cover opens. You ought to likewise observe the pivot design. Assuming the pivots open toward one side or with one side will influence how you may open the ice chest and how much area you will require to get to what’s inside.

The fundamental refrigerator slide

The fundamental refrigerator slide is a decent choice for its effortlessness and convenience. However long you’ve taken the estimations precisely and picked the correct size to accommodate your ice chest, you ought to have the option to bring it to the point of getting to anything that you want to. Standard ice chest slides are produced using either treated steel or, on the other hand, if a lightweight is fundamental, aluminum. When you buy one from a respectable provider, pick a top-notch, sturdy and enduring framework to help your cooler.

The refrigerator drop slide

The ice chest drop slide is exceptionally well known for drive fit-outs. It’s not difficult to work out why. This permits you to get to your refrigerator and the substance inside at an undeniably more sensible stature, mainly if the cooler opens from a higher place. For some ute or 4WD proprietors, the drop slide implies that you don’t need to stress over how tall the ice chest is at the point at which it’s hidden away. Similar to the essential fridge slides, these models additionally come in one or the other aluminum or hardened steel. While you’re looking for drop slides, ensure that you think about the elements it carries with them. For instance, does it have certain lock functionalities to have confidence the cooler is securely and safely set up while you’re utilizing it? Estimating the drop slide is particularly significant because you’ll have to ensure that your cooler is the correct aspect so it can slide adequately out and drop to the correct tallness.


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