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Bficoin – Get in early

The Cryptocurrency market is something we’re all familiar with. There is a lot of buzz in the industry, individuals are investing large sums of money, and everything is rising. Smart people money puts their money here because they know that it is only a matter of time before the market reaches the moon.

The year 2021 has been designated as the year of cryptocurrencies. If you had purchased Ethereum a year ago, you would have made a 400% profit. You would have made a 1000 percent profit if you had purchased Cardano. If you had invested in Dogecoin, your money would have grown by more than 10,000 percent today.

Getting in early 

People have made a lot of money thanks to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins that are still at the top of the crypto markets. However, the element of getting in first with these coins has been lost.

If you had invested just 1000$ in AXIE infinity one year ago, today, you’d have approximately $223,250. Similarly, if you had invested $1000 in SOLANA, you’d have made $101,500 approximately. That is the power of “getting in early”.

As all the top leading coins are already that high, and life-changing opportunity is missed in these coins:

●     BTC

The right time to buy BTC was in 2009, when it was less than just $1. The world was not ready; people made fun of it. But those who believed in it invested, and now they are billionaires, and the coin is now just beyond the reach of most of us.

●     ETH

It is well-known for introducing smart contract capabilities, which has elevated the project to the top of the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum has been the digital leader and key innovator in the cryptocurrency field for years. But it was not like this always; it had the same beginner’s fate as BTC, people did not believe in it, but it is too late now. The right time to buy ETH was in 2015.

●     SOL

This coin has already touched its all-time high of $260 in just one year; it just came and made a boom, and the right time to buy it was in 2020.

With all of the current financial uncertainties, many consumers are unsure where they should invest their money. To devise a relatively risk-free investment strategy that would yield the maximum returns, one must first determine which Cryptocurrency has the potential to skyrocket. Almost all coins have reached their maximum value and are out of reach for the average person. But there is one currency that has all of the attributes and features while also being safe to invest in: “BFICoin.” The nicest thing about this Cryptocurrency is that it is still relatively new and has not yet reached its maximum value, providing you the opportunity to get in early.


It is a decentralized coin with a large ecosystem behind it. This new coin, which combines the best features of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON, is currently the world’s first third-generation blockchain technology to have more than 20 utility projects in its ecosystem, with some of them already up and running.

Despite its youth, this coin is already creating waves in the market. Bitcoin and a few other big coins have dominated the market for the past several years. Many more coins tried to climb to the top, but none of them were worthy. With its third-generation advances and improved blockchain technology, Bficoin can compete with the market’s top coins. 

Right time, Right opportunity.

BFICoin addresses all of the shortcomings of other popular coins and enters the market with even better blockchain technology. This means there will be fewer transaction fees. Not only that, but transactions are faster and more secure than bitcoin. As a result, BFIC is the coin of the future. BFIC blockchain is supported by a large ecosystem, which makes it more powerful, stable, and scalable.

The number of bitcoins that may be mined is limited to 21 million in order to keep bitcoin scarce and maintain its value. Almost 19 million bitcoins have been mined to date. Unlike bitcoin, BFIC has a large mining pool waiting to be mined, and people can make a lot of money from it.

The followings are the reasons why it is the right time to buy BFICoin right now:

  • A Low market cap
  • Low price
  • Low supply cap
  • Active mobile staking app
  • Upcoming 4 mega utility projects
  • Live on many popular exchanges and sites

Other than Cryptocurrencies, blockchain has five more main applications.

  • Utility  
  • DeFi  
  • NFT  
  • Metaverse  
  • Web 3.0  

Every cryptocurrency belongs to one of several categories. BFICoin is the only cryptocurrency capable of fitting into all of the following categories. It has its giant projects based on all of these classifications, which are running live and successfully.

Great start of the year

BFICoin had a fantastic start to the year 2022, with massive market gains. BFIC was $7 at the beginning of January, and by the end of the month, it had risen to $25. It is the only coin that doubles in value every month. This indicates that BFICoin has a price growth potential of 100x. The coin has returned to its all-time high after only two months, and smart investors know that now is the best moment to buy and invest before it goes boom and breaks its own record.


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