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The Reasons Women Need More Sleep Than Men

There are many reasons that women might want more sleep than their male counterparts. Women tend to be more prone to the same sleeping disorders as men such as insomnia, snoring, and OSA. Women also are 40% more prone to having insomnia than men as well. Other factors causing women to need more sleep are hormones and genetics. Women also have a shorter sleep phase compared to men which may be responsible for women feeling sleep deprived during the day. One of the most common things that cause women to need more sleep is due to thyroid dysfunction.

In addition to the above reason for longer sleeping hours, women have larger brains that take less time to rest upon waking up than a male’s brain does. The reason for this is because female brains have a greater amount of “neurotransmitters” which allows them to better regulate their bodies during the sleeping cycle. These hormones act as natural pain reducers. This means that women need more sleep because their brains need the natural break they get from processing pain to remain healthy and alert during their waking hours. And if women are using a weighted blanket for sleep, then you must take note to always clean your weighted blanket.

It has been proven that sleep is very important for brain health. Not only is it necessary for healthy brain function but is also vital for staying alert while performing daily activities such as driving a car. Without a good night’s sleep, our bodies will feel worn out and not perform at their maximum capacity. If women need more sleep than men then the most obvious question that must be answered is “why do women need more sleep than men?”

Reasons Why Women Must Have More Sleep Than A Man

Many women do not understand the benefits of getting enough sleep. For most of them, they can get away with less than seven hours of sleep per night, which would equate to an average of four or five hours per day of rest. However, this is not enough for women who are involved in a lot of physical activity or those who live a very active lifestyle. Women need ten to twelve hours of restful sleep each night. Why do women need more sleep?

  • During sleep, the brain shuts down, allowing the body to slow down its processes. This allows the body to recover from the physical and mental stress that it goes through throughout the day. The body will also be revitalized and renewed. It’s important to take care of the body because it is one of the first parts of the body to feel the effects of stress throughout the entire day.
  • Another reason why women need more sleep is that it helps women deal with anxiety and depression. When women have too little sleep, their brains become wired to believe they don’t have enough rest. They will start to have feelings of depression and anxiety. This could include feeling too tired to do anything, overeating, not exercising, and having trouble sleeping. These negative feelings cause the body to function improperly.
  • A lack of sleep can cause the body to shut down during the daytime. This means you may feel sluggish and lethargic. You may also have trouble concentrating. While you may think you’re working hard, it may be just the opposite since your body isn’t rested.
  • Not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep per night can cause your memory to go bad. Your mind will have a hard time retaining information if you are not sleeping well. Learning new things and remembering things are two of the functions that sleep performs. Without it, your brain becomes extremely tired and you will have a hard time functioning properly. Too many women ignore their physical needs and never take care of themselves. You need to sleep properly, on a proper mattress, and at the same time, you have to deep clean a mattress to stay healthy.
  • Some women have irregular sleeping patterns. This means they sleep for a certain period, then go back to sleep for another set of hours. This makes it difficult for them to stay on top of their daily schedules.
  • Another reason women need more sleep is that it helps women deal with stress. When women don’t get enough rest, they can feel less than well. They can become angry and upset and this can lead to other health-related problems. Women who have poor sleep habits are also at higher risk for emotional problems, like depression.
  • Lack of sleep can also affect the way your body feels about yourself. Your mood can change and you might feel depressed or irritated. This can make it harder for you to be successful in your career and social life. There are many reasons women need more sleep and making sure you get a good amount each night is important. You should be getting enough sleep so that you are rested and able to perform your best for your life.
  • Lack of sleep can also affect your long-term health. Your body needs time to recuperate and rebuild after a hard day’s work. A lack of sleep can leave your body craving more sleep, which leads to it waking up much earlier than normal and not being able to rest enough. Women usually need eight hours of sleep regularly, but if you are one of those women who only get three or four hours per night, then you could be affecting your body’s ability to rest and rebuild. This can have a significant impact on your health and can contribute to more serious problems later in life.

The lack of sleep can also affect the way that your body heals itself. When you don’t rest your body, it is more likely to pick up an infection and other harmful germs from the ground. If you think about all of the reasons women need more sleep, then it makes sense that getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night should be pretty high up on your list of priorities. Sleep allows your body to recover from the damage that is done during the day, as well as heal any damage that may already exist.


There are many reasons women need more sleep, but there are also many ways that women can help themselves sleep better at night. Making sure they have a good bed to sleep on and keeping a sleep schedule are two things that can make it easier for women to sleep at night. When they are tired, they are not likely to be able to think clearly, which can lead to them making mistakes in their work or their personal lives.


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