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How To Get The Perfect SSM Course

Now delivering high-quality products is the top priority of all organizations and companies who want to achieve customer satisfaction. For this, every business relies on the scrum master.

So scrum master is one of the valuable standing pillars of any company, and thus SSM training will not augment your knowledge but also help you in getting a nice job with decent payroll.

What You Will Learn

This course aims at the making of such scrum masters who can deliver the highest business value at their organization and learn how to build brilliant performing agile teams. With this course, you can learn how to use scrum through a SAFe enterprise.

In the course, you will learn that how scaled agile framework help in scaling scrum practices throughout the companies. You will also understand how scrum works in organizations and how you can build teams delivering high-quality products.

In the course, you will explore the role and job responsibilities of a scrum master and how this individual guides the whole team to deliver maximum business value at scale in the organization.

You will be equipped by this course to plan and implement the program increment across the company successfully. Here you will be prepared as a servant leader and taught how to make high-performing agile teams.

With this training, you will be able to guide your team and organization on the scrum tools and techniques and how to employ them to achieve the highest customer satisfaction through the products.

After the completion of the course, you will have skills in conflict management, leading and facilitating change, leveraging Scrum and Kanban, supporting the execution of programs, and training agile teams. With that, you will also be able to resolve impediments and enable high performance.

This course is specially designed for the scrum masters, program or project managers, business analysts, architects, release train engineers, engineers, consultants, developers, directors, product managers, quality managers, directors, and developers.

Along with that, if you want to become a delivery manager, product manager, portfolio manager, program manager, then also you can select this course.

How You Will Learn

Here learning is very simple yet powerful and covers each and every topic that will prepare you as a scrum master. In this course, your mentors are skilled and experienced experts who have been working in the field for more than a decade.

You will be benefitted from their experience and skills, and they guide you on every stage of the learning. This training doesn’t only have theory lectures and practical classes but also have extracurricular activities.

In them, you have practical case studies, group-based exercises, and agile activities. In the practical work, you will have a real-world problem-based assignment that will motivate you to think out of the box and learn by experimenting on your own.

From the mentors, you will also get real-world tips and time–tested techniques that will give you an edge over other scrum masters and experts in the field. For your support, you will have ebooks, webinars, workshops, articles, tutorials, and even get help for your interview.

Through this learning model, you will learn your entire course content in two parts, SAFe scrum master training parts 1 and 2. That makes every topic simple, easy, and clear to understand.

This certificate will inculcate you with leadership qualities, coaching skills, motivation, and how to maximize the productivity of your organization. So will not only have great skills but an excellent portfolio too.


There are no compulsory needs to join this training but then also before starting this course, you should have knowledge on the agile concepts and principles, working knowledge of software and hardware development processes with other relevant concepts.

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