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The 10 most common SEO mistakes

The best way to improve your website is to work on its SEO., there is currently a multitude of blogs and forums dedicated to talking about SEO. Even so, mistakes continue to be made that probably, due to lack of knowledge, can ruin the SEO work that we have been doing for a while.

For this reason, we have thought it convenient to leave you with a brief summary of the most common SEO errors that can cause your website or blog to drop in organic Google positions.

  1. Duplicate content. It occurs when a text that has been uploaded as an entry on our blog or as part of a section of our website is copied from another page and therefore, Google considers it identical. In this case, our project can be penalized very seriously to the point of never being able to be or be among the top positions in the Google ranking again.
  2. Scarce content. It means that, once we have decided to write original content, we do it succinctly. The minimum size of a text that you want to position should be around 300 words, although there may always be exceptions.
  3. Quality content before quantity. Nowadays the contents have to be relevant and useful because consumers prefer quality to quantity. If we look back in time, the premise was “the more content the better”; this has changed today.
  4. Do not include meaningless keywords. This error is more common than it seems. You have to find a way that the keywords you want to position through SEO are included in the web page or articles in a natural way. This will help Google match user searches to your website.
  5. Abusive use of keywords. Existing search engines are not going to position your website or blog in the first position if you over-optimize your texts with many keywords.
  6. Don’t forget about titles, tags, and descriptions. Each text, image or video must be tagged correctly. In the title, in the descriptions and in the labels, the keywords for its positioning must be included.
  7. We hardly place external links. External links are not usually placed in articles or on our website because it is believed that these links make us lose visits. This fact is not only completely false but also helps the search engine take us as a reference site on the Internet.
  8. Do not use internal links on our website. If we make use of them, the user will take the website as a reference and specialized site in addition to passing the strength of the incoming links.
  9. Not having a responsive website. This is a website that adapts to both mobile phones and tablets so that users can view the content correctly, adapted to the screen from which they view it.
  10. Not having patience 😉 SEO is something that works but in the long term. It is for this reason that it is useless to launch a strategy that is going to be cancelled in a few weeks.

Pro Tip:

Dedicated rotating proxies can be a helpful tool in improving your website’s ranking on the search engines results pages (SERPs). Besides optimizing your website for speed and security, they mask your location and identity while you accomplish SEO-related tasks such as keyword and competitor research, site scraping, rank tracking, and more. Be sure to check out EngineRoom if you would like to know more about social media advertising companies.

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