Is Invisalign Costly When Compared to Other Treatment Options

A common misconception about Invisalign is that it is more costly when compared to other options for straightening teeth. There are several questions that might arise in the minds of patients and some of these are – how effective is the treatment? Will it be more helpful than metal braces? When you need to choose the right treatment, make sure you are aware of which will provide you with the better result. You will really be pleased after undergoing the procedure as your appearance will improve and you can also boost your confidence level.

Different factors should be taken into consideration to know how expensive Invisalign treatment will be. These consist of – how compliant the patient is during the procedure, how effective Invisalign will be for the person and whether or not the insurance company will pay for a part or all of the treatment. Go through this blog to know about some factors that can help to know if Invisalign is an expensive procedure.

Compliance of the Patient

The efficacy of the Invisalign method depends on if or not the patient wears the braces. According to the procedure, you need to wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours daily. The patient can remove them when brushing, flossing, eating, drinking and cleaning the invisible braces. There are certain instances when patients should not take out the trays like when playing any sports or any instrument.

But at other times, patients may forget to wear the aligners that can delay the treatment time. Your teeth will not shift quickly unless the patient wears the clear aligners for the specified time.

Treatment Needs of Patient

You will find some problems with teeth alignment that may not be solved with Invisalign. For example, invisible braces cannot treat your narrow arch and if someone needs to widen the entire arch, then a bridge is the most effective way for it. So, you need to consult with an orthodontist before undergoing any orthodontic treatment for your teeth straightening. Obviously, you don’t want to pay for a specific treatment that cannot solve all your teeth complications. Also, you do not want to perform a painful treatment if Invisalign can fix the oral problem.

The cost depends on how extensive and how much time the treatment will need. If someone has to adjust only a few teeth for attaining the perfectly straight smile, then he/she will have to pay less for the treatment than someone who has to shift each tooth through Invisalign. The same will be applicable for every kind of treatment that can help in straightening your teeth. Metal braces seem to be more costly in case the patient requires undergoing extensive treatment.

Check Your Insurance Policy

The last thing to consider which might affect the cost of Invisalign is if or not your insurance can cover the treatment. Earlier, Invisalign was not at all covered by any insurance company and so, it becomes an expensive option for the ones who need to perform it. At present, different companies provide insurance for Invisalign and the cost for aligners as well as traditional braces is almost the same with flexible spending account.

The cost for Invisalign is somewhere around $5000 and some patients do not need to pay anything for the treatment while others paying almost $10,000. This might be quite expensive for crooked teeth but it is more costly than other treatment options. If your insurance policy provides coverage for metal braces, then it will possibly cover Invisalign by almost $3,500. Talk to your orthodontist and know how much of the treatment will be covered by your plan and what additional costs you will have to pay.

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Thus, the answer to the question if Invisalign is an expensive method is it depends from person to the person undergoing it. Actually, it is not that costly in comparison to other options as long as you want to wear the braces and if Invisalign is the right solution for straightening your misaligned teeth. Your Invisalign provider will enable you to get the best Invisalign in London and correct the problem of crooked teeth.

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