Guidelines for eCommerce Websites in 2021

Presently, the top way to make a profit and earn a handsome amount is by having an eCommerce website. Like the traditional physical market shop, it is the online retail store to provide services to the customer. Additionally, it boosts the profit exponentially as the seller services become accessible by everyone worldwide or nationwide. There are around 24 Million eCommerce stores that exist on the internet. Number do not lie. This massive number proves that the internet holds the extraordinary power to level up seller income scale beyond the graphs.

The online marketplace is a great source to sell products and services. Physical growth is possible but requires immense time and time is crucial. Competition is rough, and one has to prove why he is better than the rest and what he has got to offer. If you are not fast enough in this race, you are not even in the competition. To progress, rise from the traditional mindset, understand the online market, tactics, and trends, and embrace the digital ecosystem.

On the coin’s other side, the prime concern for any website is to be on the top pages of every popular search engine. It is essential because it won’t sell until or unless you don’t show. No matter how excellent services or products you online store offer, nothing will work for you if your digital presence is feeble. Multiple aspects come into play to rank the eCommerce website on top pages and make the company’s digital presence stronger.

This guideline for an eCommerce website in 2021 will guide you with an eCommerce website’s different dimensions to make effective decisions.

  • Pages of the Website

The higher the number of pages, the higher is the price. The eCommerce website can doubtlessly go over 200 to 250 pages, depending on the product ranges. Each page consists of the same category of the product like the shelves in any mart. If the seller starts from a small scale, they do not need the same number of pages. The number gets increase as business expands and seller starts to introduce more products in their store. If everything puts in the right place, and the store generates great sales, every website page will pay itself.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is used to drive the engagement of the user. It can be in the form of writing, podcasts, videos, blogs, and pictures. Most companies have their dedicated YouTube channel to share their workplace fun activities and office environment to engage users. The ultimate goal is to grab the user’s attention and make them purchase. Do what customers love and always use those platforms where they spend most of their time. It is the tactic to attract a large chunk at once.

The internet market works a bit differently. Here, content is king. Whatever approach the seller use, it should be eye-catching and minimalistic. There should be something interesting for users to hold their next swipe and connect with the content immediately. The more they stay, the more profit will come your way. But do not exaggerate things in your content marketing, or else you will lose credibility in the market. Be specific and real with the audience.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are not new in the market. These tiny AI-powered bots can improve the customer experience on the eCommerce site significantly. They aid the user in product queries, FAQs, cash on delivery, tax, shipping cost, etc. Instead of hiring a physical resource, a chatbot can be a cost-cutting factor. If your store is offering services worldwide, then a chatbot can work 24/7 without delay and tardiness. The more chatbot talks with the customer, the more accurate it becomes. On eCommerce, the customer influx is relatively higher, and with the higher rate, the error chances from human customer support are also increases. A chatbot can save the neck in this situation.

  • SEO

How can we forget SEO? It is the soul of any website. Without it, you never existed digitally. How many times do we go to Google’s page 3 or 4? Mostly none of the time. There are billions of billions of websites, but everyone opts for the website showed on the search engine’s first page. It is search engine optimization (SEO). The eCommerce website should be SEO-friendly enough that top search engine algorithms can rank it on their first pages.

Your website should be placed on top of the competitor’s one. Users mostly click on the first two or three links and not even scroll the whole page. If the page is not visible to them, nothing will come in hands no matter how great a product you offer. A good SEO strategy and implementation are indispensable to derive traffic on the page, eventually converting into sales and leads. If SEO is done right, there will be less requirement of promotion and marketing channels to grab the audience. It can save you from much spending. But do not wholly neglect the marketing element; it has significance in long-term growth and sustainability.

Factor to Consider Before Diving in the Online Market

Before jumping into the development phase directly, analyze some crucial factors;

  • What type of services will the store offer?
  • Is store B2B or B2C?
  • The central theme of the company.
  • In what type of niche the industry lies?
  • Is it international or local?

Not limited to that, but these are some key points to keep in mind. With the help of these points, one can derive the development cost and set a budget accordingly. The price can start from a few hundred dollars and go up to millions of dollars. Every industry works differently, and one solution cannot work best for everyone. There should be consistency in the website theme, offered services, and marketing.


The eCommerce guidelines are near-infinite, and one post cannot cover it. It is the whole proper field with lots of dimensions. Digitization is in its boom phase; every day, we see new trends. Some get the hype, and some barely get an eye. The eCommerce trend is evergreen, on the other hand. We may leave Earth and continue to live on Mars in the future, but eCommerce will not go anywhere (You still need trendy clothes on Mars to look fashionable than Aliens).

ECommerce is one of the basic life necessities. It has revolutionized the shopping experience. Now people do not have to bear the traffic signals and spend half time finding the right parking spot. They can get whatever they need by lying down on their comfortable sofa chair.

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On the contrary, eCommerce stores are stuffing themselves with everything from a needle to smartphones. Everyone wants that customer to choose their online store for every single purchase. For this, they need SEO-friendly and user-friendly eCommerce website with a strong presence on the internet. For an eCommerce website, one needs a development company. There are numerous development companies, but you can contact Cubix to get the best web design services. It is a web development company in USA and offering its innovative IT-based solutions worldwide.


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