Advantages and Disadvantages of Performing a LASIK Eye Surgery

One of the common things that happen in the morning is not being able to find your eye glasses or wear the contact lenses. Obviously, you would love to enjoy your work and spare time with clear vision. The very thought of performing an eye surgery might be scary for many people. The method involves cutting the small flab into the cells of your cornea surface. This enables in proper reshaping of your cornea and is considered to be a suitable option for everyone.

But others might consider the price factor for the surgery. The cost of LASIK eye surgery is somewhere around £995 for each eye. Since LASIK might not be covered by the insurance provider, you may think of paying it by means of a flexible spending account. Read on to know some pros and cons associated with LASIK.

Pros: LASIK Eye Surgery is Safe and Quick

LASIK is done in the form of an outpatient procedure and it might require somewhere around 20 minutes. This time is being spent to get prepared for the surgery. Patients who are awake will be provided a Valium to protect the nerves. The laser eye surgery is done when the eyes of a patient make sudden movements that might be the reason for quick injury.

Con: Everyone is not the Right Candidate for the Surgery

Candidates who are not suitable for the surgery usually fall in the age group of 40 and more. This is mainly due to the fact they might be suffering from presbyopia, where the lens of your eyes turns stiff and obstructs close-up vision.

Another kind of surgery is called photorefractive keratectomy that can help people who have higher prescriptions or thin corneas. They do not have sufficient residual cornea that seems to be structurally sound for flap-making related to LASIK surgery.

Pro: Results may Appear Quickly  

It will not require much time to get clear vision after the laser eye surgery in London. Patients who undergo LASIK will find some difference within a few hours. You will be able to see clearly within the next day itself and normal activities can be resumed by 48 hours.

Those who undergo a PRK might expect a longer recovery within one month. There can be minor pain due to the removal of the cornea surface.

Con: Some Risks with LASIK might be there

Though LASIK might be the reason for your dry eyes that lasts for almost three months, the odds of getting a permanent problem might be rare. Another side effect can be halos or glare.

The risk is less than being used and the technology should be advanced. The area for treatment should be larger now so that it covers your cornea completely.

Pro: You can Enjoy your Life Without Wearing Contacts or Glasses

Whether you decide to opt for a LASIK or PRK, many patients can see the outlook as life-changing. This is a suitable way to enjoy basic activities that were earlier prevented due to poor vision.

Most people find that something will change or suggests them to undergo surgery. They believe they have fallen sick due to wearing contacts and dry eyes. So, they would like to ride a bicycle without glasses.

Con: Flaps Might Get Injured

Flaps are being made at the time of a LASIK surgery. They are not at all secured and so, you should not rub eyes while they are healing. If there is any kind of trauma to a flap, then this might dislodge it even after performing the surgery. It is suggested that you visit an eye doctor immediately when such a problem persists.

Since there aren’t any flaps made through a PRK, those patients will not possess any kind of risk. Both the active people and the athletes might choose that option for performing at the very best.

Pro: Your Vision will Improve to a Great Extent

LASIK is a great way to restore your vision by 20/20 but you should not expect something exceptional. So, you will be able to achieve what you really want through eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Patients who have higher prescriptions might have a different point of view. The chances for getting a 20/20 are almost 20 or 30 percent but there is a suitable chance for you to see clearly without wearing the glasses.

Con: There is a Slight -Possibility you Require Conducting a LASIK Surgery

Patients with a higher prescription before the surgery will possible be able to view a minor decrease in their quality of vision over time. This condition is popularly called a myopic regression.

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There might be some tendency for it to shit back but not to the same degree. The doctor and patient discussion are important for conducting a second LASIK surgery that has increased recently and possess different risks with it.

Thus, you need to visit UK’s best laser eye surgery when conducting an eye surgery for correcting your vision problems.

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