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Keep Pesky Flies Away With Natural Homemade Repellants

Let’s face it: Houseflies are not endearing creatures. They tend to look harmless but are gross. They come uninvited into your house, irritate you with their constant buzzing, and spread food poisoning and a host of other allergens by contaminating your food and water. You could resort to pesticides or chemical sprays to exterminate flies, but they are not only harmful to your home, family, and pets but also your skin and lungs. Fret not! Homemade remedies are also a great way to naturally control houseflies and are incredibly easy to make.

Here are some tips and natural fly killer solutions for eliminating those pesky critters indoors and outdoors.

#1 Apple Cider Vinegar with Water

Flies are drawn to the odour of apples and vinegar. To prepare this homemade spray, combine ½ cup apple cider vinegar, bay leaf, and one drop of dish soap liquid and transfer them to a bottle. Spritz in locations flies mostly swarm: garbage cans, food items, tables, kitchen sinks, etc. You may also keep this natural fly-killer spray in a bowl. The scent will attract the flies, and the surface tension that the soap in the liquid solution creates will keep them from leaving the area.

#2 Use Herbs and Flowers

Certain plants like lavender and basil deter house flies while adding beauty and aroma to your home. You can plant them in your kitchen or outdoors and they will do their job.

#3 Mix Cayenne Pepper and Water

Flies hate the smell of pepper. Prepare a mixture of cayenne pepper with water and spray it around the house to deter flies from coming in.

#4 Use Essential Oils as Fly Repellents

Essential oils are great for your mind and body due to their therapeutic benefits. But they can be a simple solution to keep flies at bay. Some essential oils like lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender not only create a beautiful aroma at home but also repel flies. You may opt to prepare homemade fly strips with these essential oils. Simply cut a few cloth strips about an inch wide, apply ten drops of lavender, clove, lemon, or mint essential oil to each strip, and hang them near entryways and windows to deter house flies.

#5 Food and Drinks as Natural Trap Baits

Food and drinks like sugar (honey or molasses), wine, fruits, and meat can be used as natural trap baits as flies are easily attracted to their smell.

#6 Natural Fly Killer with a Compost Bowl Trap

Another natural deterrent is the compost bowl trap. It uses rotting fruit to attract the flies and captures them under a wrap. For better results, add some vinegar.

#7 Outdoor Repellants

These natural fly killer remedies will surely come to your rescue, but the annoying airborne pests may attack you in hordes. Light traps, stick traps, bug zappers, or rechargeable insect killer rackets are effective field-tested fly traps to keep them away from porches and courtyards.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

At first instance, houseflies may seem harmless, but they are a nuisance. Despite having a short lifespan, they have a high rate of reproduction. They are mostly attracted to places to lay their eggs: garbage cans, cut fruits, animal faeces, and decaying or rotten materials. Limiting access to food and water is the best approach to keep them away, especially in the kitchen. Ensure all trash cans are hidden, and sliced fruits are well-covered or kept in the refrigerator. It is advisable to seek expert assistance if you are concerned about a fly infestation in your home. They will be able to securely and effectively deal with the pests, and you can enjoy the warm summers without having to deal with the annoying bugs.


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