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How to choose the best trading platform Australia

You must select the best trading platform that fits your investing goals, learning preferences, and educational requirements to engage in profitable investing. Choosing the best online trading platform for your needs, especially if you’re a beginner trader, might make the difference between an exciting new source of money and an annoying source of disappointment.

While it is impossible to predict investment results with absolute certainty, you may position yourself for success by choosing the online platform that best meets your requirements. We’ll go over everything you should consider when choosing your perfect broker in this guide, from the obvious (like whether the platform enables you to trade the securities you’re interested in) to the less obvious (like how simple it is to contact a live person for assistance when it comes to it).

Some critical factors to consider before choosing the best trading platform Australia :

Understand Your Requirements

Focus on what matters most in a trading platform before clicking on brokerage offers. The answer will vary slightly depending on your financial goals and where you are on the learning curve.

A user-friendly interface is essential

Your platform of choice should be user-friendly and suitable for beginners. A bonus has educational resources like video lessons to get you started.

Furthermore, you want a platform that is easy to use and carefully located so that the most critical analysis tools are in front of you, and you can close or rapidly change open positions.

Due to this, you want the platform to operate quickly so that network data issues don’t interfere with how your trades are executed.

Easy to-Use Tools

Trading software can be used in several ways, and the features provided by the platform you choose should be able to assist a beginner trader. Among these tools are trading systems. To assist you in locating a good trading opportunity, they strive to provide signals on current trades and trends. The alerts delivered to your account can be customized using pre-filled profiles. An award-winning online trading platform, easy Markets, provides trading in shares, indices, metals, crypto, and ETFs.

Another tool that supports traders by analyzing current patterns is the trade analyst. The programme makes forecasts that can assist you in choosing which stocks or assets to trade by considering current trades and researching the history of particular investments.

Another instrument to keep in mind is automated bots, created using artificial intelligence and learning the routines of successful traders. They can automatically apply to your account for the same trade position because they can closely watch deals made by market leaders.

Data accessibility

Does the platform deliver real-time, dynamic changes or delayed updates? Some venues provide helpful research and broker analysis on specific equities.

Types of orders

Can you place market and limit orders? Do you have the option of using different order types, such as stop/loss orders, to increase the flexibility of your trading? When selecting a broker, they should be kept in mind.


Consider using the reporting features on each platform to keep tabs on the success of your trades, record dividends, and send any pertinent data to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) at tax time.

Customer service

Look for support via phone, email, and live online chat. If you’re experiencing problems making a transaction, is customer care available round-the-clock?

Before engaging in real-time trading, we advise using the demo account. You can learn about the trading and investing terms and functions of the trading platform using the demo account. You might have to deposit money and link the bank account to the stockbroker. Most brokers in Australia accept wire transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal for deposits. Even for beginners, easy Markets is quick and quite simple to understand.

You should make a watchlist of your preferred stocks after depositing the funds. You should compile a watchlist of at least 50 equities you can keep tabs on daily.

Limit the Field

It’s time to narrow down your alternatives a bit now that you are clear on your investment goals and the essential services your ideal brokerage should offer. While confident investors will value particular brokerage products more than others, there are a few things that each reliable online brokerage should offer.

Checking off these fundamental requirements is a terrific approach to restrict the field when so many possibilities are available swiftly.

Steps to Take After You Start

Although it can be attractive to sign up with the brokerage with the heaviest marketing, successful investing demands careful consideration even before you make your first trade.

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