OSRS – Tower of Life Guide

It’s time to embrace your repair skills to fix the Tower of Life in OSRS.

The Tower of Life quest isn’t too difficult to complete, but there are certain item requirements that you need to meet. With that in mind, you might be tempted to buy OSRS gold to help you get the stuff that you need. Before you do go looking for OSRS items for sale, be sure to find a trusted OSRS gold resource. That said, you may already have the items that are needed, and they shouldn’t be too difficult to get a hold of. You’ll need a hammer, a saw, some beer, and some gloves. The best choices are the Leather or Graceful Gloves.

Starting the Tower of Life Quest

To begin, go to East Ardougne then head south to speak to Effigy, who is an alchemist that will start the quest off. Next, talk with chief builder Bonafido, who is helping to build the tower. He’ll ask that you get yourself a builder’s costume.

Firstly, go to the builder on strike known as Black Eye to get the hat after answering his questions. Go and find The Guns, who is probably military pressing a log nearby. Give him the beer to get the shirt. We need the trousers now, which can be found by the plants that are south-east of the tower. To complete the costume, we’ll have to get the boots. This is where gloves that are good for pickpocketing come in handy. Go over to the contractor No Fingers and pickpocket him to get the boots.

With all of the pieces of the costume, put on the full outfit and speak to Bonafido. You’ll need to answer his questions before we can get started on the tower fix.

Fixing the Tower of Life

We’ll now need to start fixing the tower, with the pressure being mended first. Look inside the crates in the tower to get four valve wheels, three metal sheets and four coloured balls. With these items at the ready, go up the first staircase to the west. Go to the north side and fix the pressure machine, and turn the valves so that all of the holes are filled, before pulling the levels when you need to. After you’ve filled these holes, turn the valves until the pipes are filled. You’ll get a prompt that the machine has started to work.

Go upstairs to start fixing the pressure machine. Do so then you can calibrate it by using the coloured balls to fill the leaks. Turn the valves both left and right so that the ball goes into the hole. Turn the valve to get the water to the top of the pipe.

For the second pipe, pull the left lever down the turn the second valve twice to the left. Then, turn it right to fill the pipe. Go to the fourth pipe next, and pull the right lever down. Find the fourth valve and turn it three times to the right, then once to the left. Start turning it right again to fill the pipe. The third pipe is next, where we need to lift the lever to the right upwards. Go to the third valve and turn it twice to the right, then once to the left. Finally, turn it to the right. For the first pipe, lift the lever up to the left then turn the valve twice to the left. Start turning it right to fill this pipe as well.

Pipe Machine/Cage Fix

Grab four pipes, five pipe rings and six rivets and go up a couple of floors. There is a pipe machine to the south side of the room. Fix it to get the prompt that it is working to finish the puzzle.

We need to fix the cage now, so grab five metal bars and four binding fluids. Go to the top floor of the tower to fix the cage to get the completed cage prompt. To fix the cage, three bars on each side of the cage need to be put in place. Get the right size of bar and set it into place until you have finished each side.

Finishing the Quest

To complete the quest, speak to Effigy before seeing a cutscene on the top floor. Go outside and speak to Effigy again before heading back to the top floor. Answer the questions that you get to fill the logic or magic bars. Speak to Effigy once more, then go into the dungeon through the tower. There is a trapdoor that you find to the south, then go north to speak to the Homunculus.

Having OSRS GP isn’t that important to get this quest finished. But if you are strapped for gold, be sure to shop around for prices to get the cheapest OSRS gold. You won’t have any gold for completing the quest, but you do get quest points and plenty of experience.

Have you finished this OSRS Tower of Life quest? Let us know in the comments section below!


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