The Kenwood NX-300 is a two-way radio you can count on

1. Large Screen

There are many benefits to having a large screen on your two-way radio, but not everyone wants one. It is a great choice if your team will benefit from having a large screen. The NX-300 comes with a larger screen than the NX-320, which means it can display twice as many characters. As a result, users have access to more information at once and can do more.

2. The ability to customize the program

Furthermore, the NX-300 has a variety of programmable features so you can customize it to meet your needs. A variety of different work environments, scenarios, and conditions require customization. Set this radio up to work for your team and let them make the decisions.

3. Large Internal Memory

As a result of its large internal memory, the NX-300 operates faster and at a higher capacity than other two-way radios. It can also handle many channels and frequencies at once.

4. Durability Matters

Whether it’s accidental drops or unexpected calamities, two-way Radios Kenwood must endure everything that happens on a daily basis. Your standard smartphone is far too fragile to operate – this is why it won’t function. The NX-300 is one of the tougher options available, but not all two-way radios are built to the same standards. This radio is very durable.

You can submerge the NX-300 in water and douse it in dirt without it breaking down. Did you drop it by accident? No problem! It can therefore be used in a variety of industries, such as marine applications and construction sites.

5. Crisp & Clear Audio

Don’t say “what?“what?“what? over again and again. Out in the field, communication clarity and timely delivery of messages are more important than anything else. When a signal is disrupted or audio quality is poor, mistakes quickly occur and productivity is lost. The NX-300’s audio quality leaves much to be desired, which is why sound quality is so important on two-way radios

There is nothing to be desired – offering crisp, clear communication when you need it most.

6. Built-in GPS

With this radio, you can add a GPS unit to keep track of your team at all times.

NX-300 Specs:

  • A larger screen displays more characters (displays twice as many characters as the NX-320)
  • It can be programmed to operate according to your needs
  • Commonly used in marine and construction environments
  • The IP54/55 standard protects against dust and water intrusion
  • Option for immersion (IP67)
  • Dot Matrix LCD with backlight
  • Display in multiple languages
  • Features for emergency calls
  • Volume knob on/off
  • Models with a 12-key keypad
  • There are two PF keys on the side
  • Digital noise-canceling speaker mic option for KMC-51/52

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