Traumatic birth injuries – How to demand justice for your injured infant

Childbirth injuries can lead to emotional, physical, and financial consequences for the entire family. If the injury was preventable or caused due to medical malpractice, the tragedy is even more. Though it is true that mistakes can’t be undone in case of a newborn injury, that doesn’t mean that you have to stand for this level of incompetence. As you share everything that happened with an award-winning, popular personal injury attorney, he will stand by your family to give you the best legal options. 

If you think the care given to your baby was substandard and that your infant expected better care, you can sue the responsible parties. This will guarantee that the same mistake is not committed again to another child. Your personal injury lawyer will fight on your behalf and help you obtain your settlement claim.

Cases of birth injury – Who should be held liable?

There is a wide range of factors and situations that can lead to baby injuries during delivery. It is tough to determine whether or not the medical care team was responsible for the injury or whether it could be prevented by them. It is only a skilled and reputed personal injury lawyer who can assist you in revealing the truth and getting all the hidden answers. 

If you think your newborn was subject to medical negligence due to which it sustained injuries, you should get a free review from a birth injury lawyer. Some other incidents of negligence during pregnancy may include:

  • Not performing specialized and high-end pregnancy tests
  • Inaccurate method of using Pitocin, the labor-inducing drug
  • Inability to refer high-risk patients to other senior doctors
  • Inability to treat infection, previa or placenta abruption, rupture of membraned and entrapment of umbilical cord

In those cases where you think that the doctor or the hospital might be hiding things, the legal team will be more than happy to help you out. 

Demand justice through birth injury lawsuit settlements

When a family had to experience negligence during prenatal or delivery care, they are entitled to file a childbirth injury lawsuit compensation. Once you receive the compensation, you can benefit as financial recovery will always translate to money. You can use the proceeds of the compensation to meet the medical needs of your child. 

You receive this compensation in order to pay for losses caused by the negligence of the medical team, offer recovery from suffering and pain, and also in some cases for punishing the responsible person. 

The birth injury law firm that represents you will bring forth all the legal options that you have at your disposal, discuss them with you, and decide on which one is the best option for you. Compensation can include pain and suffering, lost wages for the parent, medical expenses, loss of enjoyment from life, and several other healthcare costs. 

Therefore, if you’re someone who has been exposed to birth injuries, you should make sure you hire a birth injury lawyer and demand justice. You should never stand by the mistake committed by the doctors that led to a life-changing impact on your baby. 

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