Do Electric Skateboards Go Uphill?

If you’re wondering if you can take an electric skateboard uphill, this article is for you.

If you’ve ever had a regular long board or skateboard, the solution is here! With a standard skateboard, it’s pretty easy to glide across flat surfaces or slowly downgrading slopes, but pushing your board upwards is certainly not enjoyable. Sometimes, you’ll need to walk due to it being too steep.

Is it Dangerous to Ride Uphill?

In the majority of cases, it is safe to ride uphill with an electric skateboard isn’t hazardous. But, there are a few essential things to consider when climbing the hill.

What Factors Will Affect Your Hill Climbing Ability?


The driver’s weight is essential to consider while driving on hills. The more weight a rider has the more power he will require to climb hills. If you weigh around 70kg, you can climb with a normal to high-end electric skate board easily. If you weigh over 80 kilograms, then you may want to think about purchasing a premium, powerful electric skate board.

The Torque

For a climb and downhill, the skateboard’s electric motor’s power must be precisely calibrated to control the board. Manufacturing companies spend a significant amount of time balancing the ratios of power and speed, as well as torque. Every component of an electric skateboard will affect the amount of torque transferred to the wheels. This, in turn, can influence the ability to climb the electric skate board.

Rider Weight

Like electric bikes, the weight of a skateboarder is essential when climbing hills with skateboards powered by electricity. The greater your body weight is the greater power you’ll require to climb uphill. A person with 70 kilograms can climb hills easily with an ordinary electric skateboard. For riders who weigh over 80 kilograms, the motor with the highest quality will be more effective.

Size of the Wheels

If the other components remain the same and you reduce the wheel’s size and reduce the wheel’s diameter, you can get better acceleration. Smaller wheels are likely to be better suited to make the climb better, but I would not place too the emphasis on this feature when making a purchase.

The Battery Life

When the battery starts to get depleted, you’ll be able to see that you begin to lose energy. This is to ensure that the ESC isn’t causing too much discharge to the battery, which causes the battery to overheat and explode. Therefore, if you have steep hills to climb towards the close of your ride, you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in performance as you climb those hills.

Final Thoughts

The most important factors that affect the ability to climb on this electronic skateboard include battery capacity, motor power and torque, and the rider’s weight.

Other factors that can make your uphill riding more difficult include rough or slippery surfaces for uphill riding, weeds on the wheels, improper riding posture, and so on.

Whatever the uphill, whether difficult or easy, be careful not to ride during adverse conditions. It is possible to choose a different mode of transportation to commute safely and efficiently.

Safety is second to the rest. Be safe and enjoy your ride!

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