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Reddy Kancharla Elaborates on the Possible Construction Deficiencies

Identification of the possible deficiencies with a work of construction is deemed essential since it would help avoid accidents. Even the slightest defect could turn out to be significantly destructive if not identified and controlled immediately. It is thus that Reddy Kancharla a civil engineer by profession for more than 25 years feels the need to identify those defects as quickly as possible. 

The primary aim of gaining knowledge on such defects is to be able to avoid the occurrence of the same in future projects. The design, material, and craftsmanship are the major areas where these defects can be recognized.  

The designer is often found to fail in having everything accurately and properly documented when it comes to designing. It seems to be very chaotic and unorganized. This consequently leads to omission within the design itself. It is only by a redesign or replacement of the current design that these errors can be rectified, says Reddy Kancharla with the confidence of several years of experience. Change orders which expand the scope of the contractor help to eliminate these omissions.

The next area where defects are commonly found in the construction industry is the materials being used. It is fortunate that a discrepancy in this could prove to be fatal to a lot of people yet these are rather popular problems. The use of such materials could be very risky. In most cases, it has been reported that while the manufacturer is aware of these defects, those using the material are not. Thus, it could be said that in a way this problem gets involved in the project unknowingly to some extent. However, the downside of finding out about this defect is that its rectification or replacement will cost both a hefty amount of money and also a waste of time.

Negligence in craftsmanship, the third major defect of the construction industry primarily happens because often the designs and drawings are not studied carefully before executing the action. This too could result in massive problems in the construction of the building. Reddy Kancharla suggests certain remedies for the avoidance of such defects. His experience and expertise in the sector give him an in-depth knowledge of the subject and validate his suggestions. 

This however is a combined effort by each and every one working on the particular project. The quality of work and the materials used ought to be used very responsibly. The best way to keep these defects at bay is to use preventive measures, among which being aware and mindful is very important. Each team, whether the design team or the construction team, ought to be attentive in respective tasks to reduce these issues.

Quality control programs, proper documentation, and most importantly an effective communication system are the keys to avoiding such nuisances. Adhering to the correct approach while working within a construction site ensures the safeguarding of, not just the employees of the place but also the employer of that company.

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