What makes People Buy the 2022 Genesis G80?

Genesis is a luxury car brand that primarily offers classy and elegant sedans for people. From having a royal design to a stylish and comfortable interior, this car manufacturer offers the best luxury vehicle to purchase.

One of their most sold models is the luxurious 2022 Genesis G80. This car is the epitome of beauty, performance, and comfort. There are ample reasons for people to purchase this vehicle and you need to know why before getting one when in King of Prussia Genesis dealer.

Its luxurious design

When opting for such an elegant sedan, people try to ensure that its design will stand out on the road. What gives it a distinctive styling is its large front grille along with its twin headlights design. This particular front-end design will enable an individual to recognize this vehicle even from a great distance.

The sublime bodywork gives off a posh vibe which is what the manufacturers wanted. The glossy paintjob along with designer rims makes it a truly classy piece of this vehicle that anybody would be proud to drive.

Moreover, the interior is also equally or more luxurious than its exterior aspect. This is a luxury sedan and thus, an upscale interior is what the car manufacturers focused chiefly on. The elegant design of the cabin along with stylish details makes it the car to own in the luxury sedan category.

The streamlined dashboard, rich-looking materials, and surfaces with soft touches ensure that it is one of the best sedans that you can purchase. Its rotating shift knob is quite intuitive and its steering wheel is oddly aesthetic for drivers. Also, its contrasting leather upholstery is something to appreciate massively.

G80’s cabin will make you fall for it in an instant. The 12.3-inch gauge cluster (digital), ventilated and heated seats (rear and front) an excellent head-up display, ambient lighting, etc. are just some features that impress you colossally. In addition, to make things even more comfortable the 2022 G80 offers more space than its outgoing model. Also, it comes with supremely comfortable seats and more that people can feel its posh trait.

V6 engine- A perfect engine for this vehicle

Apart from the luxury interior and exterior design, the powertrain offered is remarkable as well. The option V6 is what most people choose to get when in King of Prussia Genesis dealership. This engine offers 375 horses and is mated with an 8-speed automatic and AWD system. Also, it takes just 4.9 seconds to reach 0-60 mph.

However, people who are not looking for such acceleration and power can opt for the turbocharged powertrain. It will provide 300 horses and can reach 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds. It will completely depend on what you prefer when it comes to G80.

Even being such an amazing luxury vehicle, the base trim of the G80 starts from only a little over $49k and goes up to a maximum of a little over $70k.

The luxury car that you get at this pricing is even better than the ones that cost double. Hence, take a test ride of G80 and book it!


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