Purchasing the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV is a Great Decision

The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV is one of the best-selling cars in the market. It has perky acceleration along with ample range of miles after being fully charged, and more. All these makes purchasing this vehicle an excellent decision for people. You can check out this amazing car by visiting Green Acres Chevrolet dealer and also book one unit after test driving it. However, the question remains why purchasing this car is an excellent decision.

Why purchasing a 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is a great decision?

In short, it is a great decision because it is an excellent vehicle that people can buy that offers ample miles and more. To know why this is a remarkable decision to buy, all you need to go through the aspects mentioned below.

Great EV motor and performance

Each of the available models has a similar powertrain. This vehicle is equipped with an electric motor that generates 200 horses and comes in FWD version only as AWD is not available. Instant power from its electric motor is the reason for its perky acceleration.

Also, it has a regenerative braking system that allows an individual to opt for a single-pedal drive; this also permits to recapture energy that is responsible for Bolt EUVs’ extending range. Its perky acceleration is the reason for this car to reach 0-60 mph within 6.8 seconds. In addition, it offers comfortable handling even on rough roads.

Battery charging, range, etc.

This car comes with a battery pack of 65 kilowatts and it is estimated to offer 247 miles after a full charge. This puts Bolt EUV at par with its rivals in this category or even better. To charge this vehicle one needs a household outlet of 120-volt. However, it should be preferred to opt for an outlet of 240-volt at home for quicker charging. Furthermore, people can also use a fast-charging DC station, which will allow this car to travel 95 miles after only 30 minutes of charging.

This car’s estimated MPGe is 115; however, to know about it more, you need to consult Green Acres Chevy dealer.

Interior and pricing of Bolt EUV

Last but not least, this vehicle comes with a great interior and features; steering with a flat bottom, gear selection can be made using a push-button system, etc. are just some of the things to check out.

The seat upholstery comes with a geo-metric pattern design to give it a distinct look. Also, its space is more than the regular Bolt vehicle.

Chevy has kept the price of Bolt EUV’s base trim a little over $34k. The other two options are priced at over $38k (Premier) and a little bit more than $43k for its Limited Edition. All these are the reason why purchasing a 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is a great decision that people can take. It is a remarkable vehicle that offers appropriate performance and more that is required. Also, its design and interior give it an attractive look that people prefer. Hence, visit a dealership, take a test spin, and then book one.

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