Does CenturyLink Internet Have a Secure Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi security has become a common interest for residential and corporate internet users. The increasing cyber threat has raised questions over the security mechanism of the internet. That’s the reason internet service providers are intensively investing to acquire state-of-the-art security systems for their internet services. Most of the top notched internet service providers in the United States of America such as

CenturyLink Internet has designed a comprehensive internet security design to turn their Wi-Fi into a hard-to-access and conquer internet device.

None of us can risk the safety of our families by putting them on verge of cyber threats. Internet on one side has transformed our lives by connecting us with the world around us and by providing us access to anything anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, the same wonder of the internet can put you and your family in a critical situation by exposing your private data or information to hackers or cyber thieves.

You can set up the mark home security system to protect your home, family, and precious belongings but have you ever wondered what steps you have taken to protect your virtual assets like important information about you, your family, and finances, your pictures, important documents, your smart home security credentials, passwords for various devices and much more? If yes then it is appreciated but if don’t then it’s time for you to take your Wi-Fi security as a serious matter.

However, if you are already a CenturyLink internet subscriber then worry not because the ISP is assuring its customers to have the best internet security set up for Wi-Fi. Want to know how you can get secured Wi-Fi for your home? You must be. So, keep scrolling this blog till the end and explore how this internet service provider is making it possible for you to have truly secured Wi-Fi for your family.

What Does Secure Wi-Fi Mean?

Before rushing towards the exploration of how CenturyLink is making its Wi-Fi services secured we would like to discuss with you Wi-Fi security. You need to have a thorough understanding of Wi-Fi security to realize how important it is for you to have highly secured Wi-Fi at your home and what Wi-Fi security is all about.

So, let’s have a brief overview of what secure Wi-Fi means and what it does for you.

A Wi-Fi is considered secured Wi-Fi when it combines the features of device management with high-tech security to provide you control of your home internet network. Moreover, the technology internet service providers are offering in the country offers security against various cyber threats including botnet attacks, malware, viruses, and much other malicious content to assess your network.

In the case of CenturyLink internet, you can combine your Wi-Fi security with features of device management easily through “My CenturyLink account” either online or using its app. The advanced technology used by the ISP has directly build-in into leased and explicitly compatible CenturyLink modems. This state-of-the-art technology assures you to have a safer and secured internet network for your home that provides safe passage to internet traffic through your modem and then to other devices in your home.

When you plug in your modem compatible with secure Wi-Fi and activate it with internet services from the house CenturyLink it automatically gets updated with the latest firmware. Thus automatically projects the features of Secure Wi-Fi and starts safeguarding all smart devices connected to your network. Mostly secured Wi-Fi focuses on security on devices including IoT (internet of things) such as thermostats or smart TVs from many online threats.

How Does a Secure Wi-Fi Protect Your Smart Devices?

Once connected and integrated with your smart devices a secured Wi-Fi quickly scans any threats and reminds all threats so that you can get thorough and real-time information. Similarly, it actively identifies and informs users if they try to navigate malicious websites that contain malware and viruses. The warning mechanism of Secure Wi-Fi is best to prevent you and your family from accessing risky websites so that your smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC, or else won’t get infected accidentally.

However, in the case of smart home devices including thermostats, cameras, and others the Secure Wi-Fi technology scans, monitors, and then blocks unwelcomed remote access or malicious traffic to smart devices at your home from malicious or unauthorized sources.

Why Do We Need Control and Security for A Connected Home?

We know that a Secure Wi-Fi safeguards our home internet network and every smart device connected to it from countless cyber threats via your modem. Various smart devices we used in our homes lacks security feature. Also, any device you connect to your internet network may expose you to different online threats. One virus that gets access via your unprotected smart device is enough to shake and even destroy your entire internet network within no time. That’s what has made Secure Wi-Fi the need of the hour today.

CenturyLink modems have built-in Secure Wi-Fi technology that has designed to defend any home internet network from online threats. The select CenturyLink modems are the Secure Wi-Fi powered by McAfee which has used cloud-based technology. This advanced technology constantly updates programs making it the best choice to have secured Wi-Fi at your home.

How do I get Secure WiFi?

CenturyLink modems such as C4000, C1100, and C3000 models have leased modems with built-in Secure Wi-Fi. Secure Wi-Fi enabled modems to disable a couple of advanced features however you can reach out to these network controls via the My CenturyLink app.

  • Service blocking
  • Website blocking
  • Access scheduling

Getting a Secure Wi-Fi for your home is no longer the display of being smarty in the town. Instead, it is meant to acquire foolproof security for your home that frees your mind from worries about cyber-attacks. It will not only automatically provide security against online threats but will allow you to take control of all smart devices in your household.

CenturyLink Secure Wi-Fi allows you to monitor and manage every device connected to your network. Also, it offers features such as parental content controls, pausing group devices or individual devices, and creating groups.

To get highly secured Wi-Fi at your home you need to check out what the internet service provider holds to offer you. Check out the modems the ISP is offering in your area along with its internet plans. Try to go for the CenturyLink Internet Plans that meets the data and speed needs of your household and contains a Wi-Fi security compatible modem.

If you found the rental fee of such a modem a little too much high then you can also search the compatible modems in the market. But make sure whatever modem you chose to buy is truly compatible not with the ISP but also with its Wi-Fi security technology, and the internet speed you have selected.

In a Nutshell

If you find CenturyLink as the best secure Wi-Fi then get it right away from any further delay. You can also explore its amazing internet plans to get the perfect and secured internet solution for your home at . As it is one window solution to search out every single internet service provider in the country and all the internet plans, offers, and deals at one click.

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