Bruce Weber Photographer Offers Insights into Capturing Striking Side Portraits

Humans make great photography subjects. There are so many ways to capture the image of a human subject. Moreover, even simple changes in posture, facial expression or angle can change the vibe of a photo to a great extent. While many photographers are used to taking full frontal portraits, a partly concealed face can actually help create a highly compelling and dramatic image. Bruce Weber Photographer and many others like taking side portraits to evoke a host of emotions from the viewers immediately.

Rather than looking straight at the camera, the head of the subject is turned 90 degrees in a side portrait. Hence, the camera can capture the full contour of their face. In a side portrait, one can opt to frame the head of the subject and put focus on their expressions and facial features. On the other hand, the subject can be photographed from the chest, waist or shoulders up to enhance the visual story with clothing, body language and other details.

When clicking side portraits, photographers would get the opportunity to make their subject look as great as possible by featuring their “good side.” One can determine the best side of the subject while meeting them before the shoot. Asymmetry in the face, as well as elements like piercings, tattoos, scars and more, should also be taken into consideration.  There are a few people who may have uneven eyes. Hence, photographers must try to angle the side with the bigger eye away from the lens for the purpose of making both sides of the face look even in three-fourths side portraits.

After determining the side to capture, it will be time for the photographer to build their story or theme around it. Even the tightest headshots would still include a bit of the background, and therefore it is vital to select the surrounding scenery in a smart manner. The photographer needs to schedule the time of their shoot and the placement of the subject beforehand. All compositional elements like lighting and the background have to be selected as per the intended message or theme.  For instance, to create a mysterious shot that should also evoke sadness, one must select a darker or plain background, and subsequently, tone down the lighting on and around the subject.A photographer should not restrict themselves to shoot from just one angle. It will be better to deviate from the typical leveled angle. One must try to position the camera somewhere below the subject to get more of the jaw, or from above where more focus can be kept on their nose or eyes.  When it comes to lighting, reflectors can be used against sunlight to minimize the appearance of harsh shadows on the face of the subject. Checking out the works of Bruce Weber Photographer and similar professionals can help people to gain a better idea of how to capture good side portraits.


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