How PRF Skin Treatment Works

When we care about our skin, we always go to great lengths to ensure that it keeps that youthful appearance. While it can be challenging to maintain this, there are always other solutions to ensure that we retain our smooth skin longer. If you’ve been looking for answers to your problems, we’re here to introduce you to the PRF skin treatment.

PRF has been a treatment going on for quite a while. It’s known for its fantastic results and has helped countless people improve the side effects done by aging, such as hair loss and dark circles. If this interests you, it’s crucial to get a deeper understanding of how everything would work.

If you’re still confused about how PRF skin treatment works, you’ve found the right article because we’ll be telling you all about it.

What is PRF skin treatment?

Before we get to how the whole process works, it’s first essential to understand PRF skin treatment. To ensure that you completely understand the entire process, you have to understand better the procedure you’re considering doing.

In easy terms, PRF skin treatment is a type of treatment that enables you to improve skin texture, increase blood flow, and improve complexion, among many others. With this process, you’ll be able to fight the side effects of aging and maintain that youthful look.

How do you obtain PRF?

Step 1: Collect blood from the patient

The doctors would first need a sample of your blood as they would go through plenty of processes to ensure that your whole operation would go as smoothly as possible.

Step 2: Insert the blood-filled tube into a centrifuge and spin

After getting a blood sample, the doctors would place this in a centrifuge. A centrifuge is used to separate all the fluid components in your blood. They’ll be spinning the centrifuge at a fast pace to complete the separation process.

Step 3: The blood is taken out to be studied

Once the sample has completed the whole centrifuge process, it will be taken out and reviewed for clinical treatment.

How does PRF skin treatment work?

Now that you have an idea of the first step regarding PRF skin treatment, we can now discuss the next level. How exactly would the process work? Well, Fibrin is a molecular framework that arises in the body to respond to trauma. Platelets flowing in the bloodstream will adhere to a fibrin scaffold.

Platelets would connect to that said fibrin scaffold and become activated, releasing factors regarding growth that initiate the process of wound healing. This would be done by forming new blood vessels, skin cells, and collagen. A regulated inflammatory reaction is induced by administering PRF injection into a scalp or face area, stimulating new cell development and collagen formation.

How can PRF treat your skin concerns?

The skin around our eyes is among the thinnest on our physique, and if there’s a region that would first exhibit signs of aging, it would be the face. PRF is one of the most effective therapies for this condition, and it may be a better choice than heat-based skin rejuvenation technologies.

Aside from this, PRF can also help fillers work better underneath the eyelids. When you inject fillers beneath the eyes, such as Restylane, you can rapidly reduce hollowness, so it’s a fantastic procedure for revitalizing this region. However, note that if injected too aggressively, too much filler underneath the eyes can induce puffiness or a bluish hue.

What is the purpose of PRF?

PRF is being used to treat most of the same conditions as PRP. The only difference is that it produces growth factors for a significantly longer period than PRP, which only emits growth factors for a few hours.

As a result, PRF may provide better and more consistent gains. Growth factors can encourage stem cells to produce more elastin and collagen inside the skin. PRF platelets are supposed to be more resilient than PRP platelets, allowing for a speedier recovery.


While the whole process can be scary, the operation is safe. As long as medical professionals do this, you will get the best out of this operation while sustaining the most minimal injuries. Saying all this, we hope you have gained a better understanding of how the PRF skin treatment works. We wish you luck if you decide to go through this operation, and we hope that this informative article has helped you decide whether or not you believe this type of skin treatment is the right one for you.

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