Hire an Insurance Lawyer to Protect Your Insurance Claim

A disagreement with the insurance adjuster or your home insurance company can feel frustrating, and if it’s not resolved before you settle your claim, expensive, too.

When you don’t see eye-to-eye with the insurer about the extent of your loss, an insurance lawyer can help you negotiate and protect your finances in the claims process. When it comes to larger losses, such as a fire insurance claim, insurance companies may be motivated to minimize their own costs, but those savings will come out of your pocket.

When Should You Hire an Insurance Lawyer?

Homeowners should usually be safe dealing with smaller claims on their own. But when it comes to major claims, such as a fire or a total loss, a property damage lawyer in Toronto can make a significant difference. There is too much at stake to risk trying to file a fire insurance claim on your own.

Hiring an insurance lawyer can also be a good idea if you notice disagreements with the adjuster or the insurance company early on. If you find the adjuster is dismissive of your claims or you are having a hard time communicating with the insurance company, getting help early on may improve the situation.

How Can an Insurance Lawyer Help?

An insurance lawyer can assist in several ways. First, they’ll review your insurance policy with you so that you understand what you’re entitled to in a claim. They will help you with the paperwork involved in the claim, including documenting the extent of your loss.

An insurance lawyer will also review the estimates made by the insurance adjuster and the offer made by the insurance company. They make sure costs have been accurately assessed and challenge the insurer when it seems like something isn’t right.

Public Adjusters vs. Insurance Lawyers

If you’re seeking help with an insurance claim, one option you can choose is to get help from a public adjuster. This is an insurance adjuster whom you pay, unlike the adjuster employed by your insurer, and they help you directly with your claim.

Like a public adjuster, an insurance lawyer will help you with the paperwork for your claim and negotiate with the insurance company. They work on areas where you feel the insurer has undervalued or left off necessary repair work or expenses.

But an insurance lawyer can help beyond the claims process if need be. Should you have to dispute your claim, you can continue to work with the same person who has helped you from the start. An insurance lawyer can also help if a thirdparty is involved. For example, if your neighbor caused a fire on the property next door, you may be able to further pursue the neighbor for any damages not covered by the insurance company.

A public adjuster won’t be able to help you with either a third-party claim or a dispute, while an insurance lawyer can and also offers the same support an adjuster would without a dispute. They can often help you avoid making the process more complicated than necessary.

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