Flip-up Helmets – Which Materials are Particularly Resilient?

The full view is immensely important when you are traveling by motorcycle – whether on the daily trip to work, during a day trip, or on longer biker tours.

In the comparison, you will find below some decisive criteria that were used in various motorcycle flip-up helmet tests for a very strict test. After all, it’s about your safety. hoverboard black friday deals this applies to any other type of motorcycle helmet as well as to protectors or adequate clothing.

The visor of the flip-up helmets under the magnifying glass

No matter which brand – in almost all flip-up helmets, the visor is made of robust plastic polycarbonate. This does not splinter even in the event of a strong impact. An additional layer of clear coat ensures scratch-resistance of the visor. The helmet itself is usually made of thermoplastic. This guarantees high protection even at high speed – without extra painting, however, wear and tear is quickly recognizable.

For this purpose, you will find detailed information on the comparison portal of below, including experience from various folding helmet tests of various trade magazines and the consumer organization Stiftung Warentest.

Many flip-up helmets come with a double visor. Here, another, slightly smaller plastic disc with sun protection is brought together with the main visor. Thus, the wearing of sunglasses can be dispensed with.

The visor on the flip-up helmet with a sun visor must close tightly, otherwise, drafts will penetrate into the helmet. Small slots in the helmet ensure sufficient ventilation. Integral helmets often come with so-called pinlock visors or anti-fog visors.

To explain: A flip-up helmet with Pinlock equipment has a so-called double visor, which consists of two panes. This avoids fogging of the visor by your own breathing air, especially in cool or cold temperatures.

From the sun visor to the double visor, a wide range of accessories is available to you to retrofit your current flip-up or to procure a replacement. In this context, you should also think of other protections such as protectors for sensitive areas of the body such as the knees, elbows, and back.

Flip-up helmets with umbrellas also protect you from direct sunlight and corresponding glare at inconvenient moments. The umbrella on the flip-up helmet protrudes over the visor on the upper side.

Flip-up helmets and their materials

It is only logical that the material plays an important role in a flip-up helmet for the motorcycle – in terms of safety as well as in terms of acquisition costs if you decide to buy a flip-up helmet.

Abs flip-up helmets

open flip-up helmet with a simple design and headset

No matter whether it is a flip-up helmet for women or men: the majority of helmet shells are made of ABS.

The abbreviation ABS stands for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, which is also used, for example, in the production of Lego bricks. Therefore, it may seem a little surprising that a special flip-up helmet for children is also made of ABS.

ABS is a thermoplastic that is relatively easy to form under the influence of heat. Manufacturers use the so-called injection molding process for this purpose. In short, the plastic can be produced quite well in large quantities and then processed.

This results in the advantage that an ABS flip-up helmet is very cheap – compared to other materials.

Tip: As far as the durability of a flip-up helmet or full-face is concerned, the already mentioned paintwork plays an important role. Without this, the material tires faster, as it is directly exposed to ultraviolet radiation due to the weather.


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