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Organise the Best Barbeque for Your Special Ones

This year’s BBQ and tongs are due for a thorough cleaning now that summer is almost here. Long summer evenings with friends, family, beer, and smoke-filled gardens are just around the corner as the first steak goes on the grill. No barbeque is complete without the perfect sauce to accompany the meat, and Lillie’s q bbq sauce in Australia is one of the best you can serve your guests. Top 7 tips to ensure that your BBQ goes off without any hitch.

Barbecue tools that will help you become a master of the art

We’ve got a few gadgets that can help you go from novice to master barbecuer. Heavy cuts can be moved safely and efficiently with a long-handled set of tongs. Tongs with a more extended handle keep your arms away from the grill, lowering the risk of burns. Outdoor cooking necessitates using a thermometer, as it can be difficult to discern if meat is done. Gather your favourite herbs (we prefer rosemary, thyme, and parsley) and connect them to the end of a wooden spoon with some twine for a DIY herb brush that will add extra flavour. Brush your meat with some olive oil before grilling, and you’ll have a delicious meal. When grilling flatfish like our whole place, we prefer to use a grilling basket. Place the basket on the grill and secure your meat or fish within. Finally, barbeque gloves are a must-have accessory for the grill master. Thanks to their heat-resistant construction, you can safely move hot pots and food or even reposition the coals.

Everything hinges on preparation

Calculating your meat consumption is essential. It is good to start with one sausage, one hamburger, and one skewer of lamb. You can make a simple mid-week dinner out of any leftovers if you over-cater. Chicken, steak, and chops are more likely to be kept than burgers and fish in the fridge. If you’re planning a party for youngsters in Australia, sausages and skewers are an excellent choice. As soon as the sausages are cooked, cut them into smaller pieces so that the eaters have greater control over how much or how little they consume. Chicken, Lemon, Garlic and Thyme sausages are really popular choices. Preparation of the side dishes and condiments is critical. You can’t go wrong with cold meats, salad, pies, and cheese.

Put the meat in a marinade

By marinating your meats with Lillie’s q bbq sauce in Australia, you may add a burst of flavour to your dishes right away. Overnight marinating is the most excellent approach to fully absorbing the meat’s flavour. Or keep things simple and include some of our ready marinated selections inside your package. Remove the extra that is still on the meat before grilling it, especially if it consists of oil, by shaking off any extra liquid. The bitter, smoky flavour is more likely to develop if the meat is over-sauced.

Avoid the chill of the refrigerator.

Allowing the raw meat or fish to get to room temperature by removing it from the refrigerator at least 20 minutes before grilling allows it to shed its chill. The outside of the meat can burn before it’s cooked all the way through if it’s too cold when it goes on the grill. For obvious reasons, poultry, sausages, and any other pig products require extra attention to this step. With beef burgers and steaks, it’s still vital to do this so you can get the desired level of doneness.

Selecting charcoal

The type of charcoal you use is critical. With a burn time of around an hour, lump charcoal is an excellent choice for cooking various meats. Grilling roasting joints using briquettes, on the other hand, can last for up to three hours at a steady temperature. A charcoal’s flavour can vary based on the tree from which it was sourced. A smoky caramel flavour can be released by charcoal made from oak trees, while coal made from orange trees has a deep marmalade flavour that goes well with duck, chicken and turkey. Soak oak wood chips in water when you’re grilling and then place them on the hot coals. Because of the steam, the oaky flavour is pushed up into the meat. On the other hand, Hickory wood chips in Australia are perfect for pork. For a sweeter taste, use applewood.

Cooking Methods That Are Both Direct and Indirect

The most frequent way of cooking on a barbeque in Australia is direct cooking. As the food is positioned directly over the heat, it is ideal for thin cuts like steaks, hamburgers, fish, and sausages. The high temperatures in the grill, one of the primary advantages of direct cooking, offer ideal circumstances for searing the meat, resulting in a delicious flavour and mouthwatering texture. Indirect cooking methods are a step up from direct cooking in terms of skill level. Make sure the meat isn’t directly in front of the heat source. Divide the hot coals into two piles, one on each side of the grill. Under the grill, between the coals, set up a drip tray. The space above the drip tray is where you place your meat for grilling. This method makes the grill into an oven, making it excellent for roasting joints and other cuts that benefit from long cooking times at a low temperature.

The meat should be tested.

It is a no-brainer, but it’s critical if you’re preparing food for a large group in Australia. Meat cooked over a barbeque can be challenging to judge from its appearance alone in terms of doneness

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