Why Should You Get a Video Doorbell for Your Home

Due to the convenience they offer, smart homes have grown in popularity, especially among the residents of the US. There are many smart devices, like smart cameras which help you maintain a safe and secure environment for your home. Smart devices like the smart thermostat can set a temperature for your home while you are not at home so you can come home after a long tiring day to a comfortable temperature. Many Americans have invested in smart technology or own them.

Many other smart devices are also out there like deadbolts, cleaners, and smart lights. They are helpful and easy to use. Smart light strips offer remote control so you can control the appliances in your home with your smartphone. even when you are not at home. However, one of the major advancements in smart tech is video doorbells that not only offer convenience but also security for your home. Like all other smart products, they have a variety of features that help you a lot more than just telling you who may be at your door.

What is A Video Doorbell?

A smart or video doorbell differs from the traditional doorbells in many ways while performing the same functions. They include additional safety features like live video which also allows real-time interaction with the homeowner and the visitor, two-way audio that makes it easy for visitors to communicate, and motion sensors too which tell you the proximity of the visitor from your home.

With Wireless Doorbells with Video, you do not have to be face to face with the person who is at the door. This makes it easier to receive a package, or when a friend visits you. You can also identify a salesman, an intruder, or any suspicious person, who should not be at your place with one tap on your smartphone. With a Wi-Fi network, a video doorbell is more than just a doorbell. You can set your video doorbell to turn on the lights in the hallway as soon as someone enters or presses the bell. You can also connect it to other devices like a smart thermostat so that the people who enter your house have a comfortable temperature to walk into.


As soon as someone rings the bell you are curious about who it may be on the door. It could be the mailman or a salesman or maybe a visitor who you do not recognize at all. So it may be a task to find out who it may be on the door. You can see who is at the door without leaving the comfort of your bed. This keeps your home safe, preventing unauthorized entry. Most video doorbells have a speaker and microphone, which allows you to have two-way communication so that you are sure about the visitor before letting them in. They can also be connected with a smart camera for additional surveillance. This allows you to have an entire security system setup.

Remote Control

A lot of smart doorbells come with motion sensors, cameras, and apps for remote viewing. These features ensure the security of your house when you are away. Video doorbells can be a cheaper option than premium home security systems providing the same level of safety for you and your family. If you are fond of traveling, you can choose to go on a vacation without compromising the security of your home. If you are sick of getting your mails or packages stolen, you can make sure that they are not by talking to the delivery person one-on-one while you are on vacation. If you see someone shady approaching your home, you can also take a snapshot and make sure they are identified by the cops later.

Connects With Other Smart Devices

One of the many advantages of a smart home is that all your devices are connected with each other. There is often a central hub that allows this connection which can be via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. One of the major security features it offers is to sync with a smart lock which locks or unlocks the door as forwarded by the smart doorbell. Similarly, you can also connect it with the smart lights which can be turned on when a guest enters. These ensure that your home is safe and secure and conveniently manageable with an app.

Easy Installation

While a traditional doorbell is difficult to install, a smart doorbell is easier to install. You can simply remove your traditional doorbell and install in its place a smart doorbell. Since they are so easy to install you do not need to hire professional help to do the work. You can do it yourself even if you are not very tech-savvy. You can use the same wiring as you had with the traditional doorbell. This makes it convenient to get a video doorbell without fretting over the hassle of installation.

Final Thoughts

Smart doorbells are extremely convenient in today’s era of the rising crime rate. They are convenient and easy to use. They also have many advantages over a traditional doorbell, which are explained above. If you want to have a cost-effective security system for your home, you may consider having one at your place. With so many video doorbells flooding the market, there is quite a variety of features that ensures you get the one completely tailored to your needs. You can choose which features you want as a part of your home security system and choose the smart doorbell that fulfills your requirement.

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