Top five foods for your furry friend


Food is an essential commodity for our survival. Living creatures and humans are directly and indirectly dependent on food. Food is the major necessity reason why we earn money. Like we can’t live without air similarly food also, it’s impossible to survive. The main difference between humans and dogs is their way of expressing their emotions. Humans can express their emotions but dogs can’t.

If we are hungry, we can easily convey that but in the case of dogs, it’s extremely difficult to express. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to read their body language to feed them with proper food. Through paws and whiskers, you can easily get the required information related to all the knowledge on food and nutrition. Here, we also deal with several accessories for your furry friends like dog bandanas and bows.

Not that we are confined only to dog accessories. We also deal with cat’s equipment as well as cat accessories. Our major focus is on the overall development of your pet more smoothly and appropriately. Through paws and whiskers, it becomes extremely easy to gel up with your pet without facing any problem as such. We ensure that your pet does not suffer from any ailment and can get what’s required for them.

Top five foods for your dog        

Below I have listed some of the top five foods for your furry friend which they can relish and highly nutritious as well. Have a look.

  1. Bone broth– Bone broth is the part of the skeleton that doesn’t have any joint but is a single part as a whole which then simmered for few hours. It is highly consumable for dogs since it can lead to a lot of health benefits that you can rely upon to feed your dog in sufficient quantity. Some of the key huge benefits that promote his health care

It catalyzes the digestion tendency in your dog. Your dog’s digestion increases thus overall smooth development that seems satisfying from the owner’s eye.

It can combat other health issues as well and promotes enhanced hydration in your dog. Water is the prime fluid that your dog requires. Through, bone broth, the water-absorbing capability of your dog increases.

Bone broth can also heal joint ailments and promotes joint rejuvenation.

Even, any skin problem your dog might be suffering can easily be healed up.

It also enhances your appetite that can promote healthy growth.

  1. Raw goat milk- The second one on my list for the preferred food for your dog is goat milk in raw form. The best part about goat milk is that it is easy to digest. It covers vital nutrients such as protein, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other various nutrients. Highly recommended for the dogs who need good digestion support and pets those who are sensitive. A few of its vital benefits are as below.

The proteins in goat milk can reduce the risk of type 1 diabetes.

Goat’s milk is the less acidic therefore less acidic reaction inside their body.

It reduced the symptoms of allergies and inflammation.

It is enriched with calcium that strengthens the muscles and enhances blood clotting.

It also contains vitamin A that helps in maintaining eye health.

Also contains proteins that provide amino acid needed to accelerate the power to the entire body.

                   But it should also be noted that raw goat milk should not be given as a supplement. Always consult your vet before feeding him with such food.

  • Organ meat– next on my list is the organ meat. It covers a vital nutrient for your canine friend. Organ meats are the internal organs of the larger farm animals such as cattle that comprises the brain, eyeball, and other organs. They are a plentiful source of vitamins A, B, and E as well as key minerals such as copper, iron, selenium, and zinc. Talking about the nutrient value, it is more in the liver than other organs. The best way to feed your dog the organ meat is in the raw state.

  1. White rice-Though it is not that recommended for dogs some freshly boiled white rice with the boiled chicken can be helpful for your dog when they are suffering from stomach problems. And perhaps the most suitable way to feed the white rice to your dog in the appropriate quantity. Divide it into parts. One cup should be given in the morning while half in the afternoon and one cup again during the evening.

     Enriched with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids required for your dog. Always good to properly wash it before consuming is the best option.

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  1. Eggs– Last on my list the very common egg that we generally consume in our daily lives. One of the important questions that arise is eggs a vital food for our canine friends as well. The answer is yes. Eggs can be a good source of nutrients for them. They are the richest source of protein for them. Also good in Vitamin-A which is known as the fat-soluble vitamin. The recommended quantity should be one a day. As more eggs can lead to multiple stomach disorders.

Final thoughts:-

These are the top five foods on the list for your dog. These foods contain a very high level of nutrient factor that can bolster the health and maintain the overall fitness of your canine friend. But apart from this, there are certainly other things to keep in mind. You should not be confined only to food. Rather other activities also affect his overall fitness. Regular exercises and evening walks are equally important. Make him solve a puzzle that will keep him engaging in that task. This further enhances his mental fitness.

Last but not least to say that appropriate quantity should be given to your furry friend and foremost thing is to wash the food before feeding is very important. And if you are willing to add some new supplement into it, then better

To consult the vet for the same. Following these simple but effective tips would be highly beneficial for your dog’s longevity. Visit- Paws and Whiskers

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