Why Get a Pre-Owned Buick Regal GS?

Buick cars are sturdy and offer great performance in the long run. These two are the major reasons why people opt for a pre-owned Buick Regal GS. This vehicle performs amazingly even if you buy used ones. You can get such units when you visit Mount Laurel pre-owned car dealer; however, it is recommended for you to check out why to get a used Regal GS.

  • Money aspect

One of the vital reasons for people opting for used Regal GS is due to their budget. 2020 was the last version of Regal GS that was introduced by Buick and buying that will cost one $40k approximately. Not everyone is willing to spend such an amount on new cars. Thus, opting for used ones will help massively.

Going for a used Regal will cost you almost $30k or even less than that depending on the condition of the vehicle. If you are looking to get a vehicle for everyday use but don’t want to spend much, then a pre-owned Regal GS is a great option.

  • Lower premiums and depreciation  

When selecting a used vehicle, you will have to pay lower premiums for several reasons. First of all, having a car costing less than a new one will automatically lower the EMIs’ amount. Secondly, insurance premiums also are lower when you pick a used vehicle. Hence, indirectly, even this way you save money.

Furthermore, depreciation of a used vehicle is much lower than you can expect. A new car depreciates at a rapid pace. It is calculated that it will depreciate by 10-15% by the time you get a car home from a dealership. Also, the first 3 years of a vehicle will lead to the highest depreciation. This is why people prefer opting for a used vehicle that is older than 3-5 years.

  • Choices available

When you go for a new Regal GS, your choices for trims will be restricted to just one or two variants. However, picking a used one will lead to a wide range of choices that can be made. For instance, you will have access to discontinued trims, limited variants, and more if you purchase a pre-owned Regal GS.

To get a complete list of pre-owned Regal GS, you need to visit Mount Laurel pre-owned car dealership immediately. At such a certified dealership you can go through all available trims and choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

  • Supreme performance and power

Depending on the generation an individual buys, most Regal GS is fitted with a supreme powertrain. From turbocharged option to a V6 engine, multiple options are available for people. Hence, the power and performance provided by Regal GS don’t diminish even if you are driving one that is quite old. Some proper maintenance and servicing will allow people to enjoy super performance and power even if you buy a pre-owned model.

So, visit your nearest dealership today and get the best used Regal GS for yourself. Use it as an everyday vehicle or weekend cruising or both.


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