How To Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Sending a child to preschool can seem like a challenge because of the emotional attachment. As a parent, you have to make sure your child is mentally and emotionally ready before entering the school environment. Naturally, a child will worry about leaving a familiar environment and meeting strangers. However, you can take comfort in the knowledge that preschool education will offer your child will have big advantages. The good news is that it’s easy to get your child ready for a preschool Singapore experience with a bit of planning and preparation. Here are several tips to ease your child into preschool:

1. Visit a Preschool Together To Get the Child Curious

It’s not always easy to get kids excited about preschool, but a trip can go a long way toward preparing your child for school. As you show them around, ask questions and let them notice all of their new surroundings. You can take pictures or print out pictures of your visit at home and discuss what they saw there together as a family.

2. Play Act Being at School

Ask your child what she would do if she were going to play at school. How would she get there? What would she do when it was time to leave? Try to make a game out of it by saying, “I’m going to pretend I’m going to preschool today, and I need you to tell me how I should do that.” 

The more playful you are about preparing her, the more likely she’ll be willing to participate and take your suggestions seriously. If you have older children who’ve already been through preschool, ask them what they remember from their experience. 

3. Arrange a Playdate With Children Already in Preschool

It’s important that your child is happy in his environment before sending her off. Set up a playdate with another parent whose child already attends school and ask her about her experience with enrollment.

Making your child envious of other children going to preschool will give the push to want the same. Your child will be more receptive if he sees that his friends enjoy their time at school and he is not. 

If possible, talk with other parents whose kids are about ready for preschool; they may have some good insights or even advice on local schools and programs that might be right for your family.

4. Watch YouTube Videos About Kids in Preschool

To expose the child more to preschool, consider watching videos of other kids their age at school – the morning routine, art projects, and lunch activities are great examples. It’s fun to observe how other kids interact with friends and teachers. There are also plenty of YouTubers who share video diaries about their children’s days at preschool.

5. Work To Improve Independent Skills

Every child develops at their own pace, but most kids will have mastered some big kid tasks by preschool age. Encourage independence through play and activities. These simple exercises can make a big difference: help your toddler put on his shoes, tie his laces, wipe off a table when he spills something, and clean up after going to the bathroom. Your little one will be ready for preschool Singapore entrance with time and practice!

6. Buy a Preschool Backpack

A preschool backpack will be your child’s best friend. Packing a backpack makes your child get used to going to school. Make sure you pack all of their essentials, including snacks, books, crayons, etc. Make it fun by letting them choose what goes inside their backpack.

You can also check out trendy brands because they make trendy yet functional backpacks easy on kids’ backs and shoulders! Pick a bag with your child’s favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, or characters they love. 

7. Allow the Child To Express Worries and Address Them

Preschool will be a new experience that your child has never before undergone. They will face new challenges, a different environment, and companions they are not familiar with. Allow them to express their fears and any worries that they may have in an open yet firm manner and explain why they might feel nervous or uneasy. 

Help them overcome their concerns by assuring them that even adults feel strange when going on a first date; you are present as a support system throughout their journey, so ensure they know you’re always there should they need your assistance.


Starting preschool is a new experience for both parent and child. It’s natural to feel excited, nervous, or anxious about your child’s first day of school. However, if you prepare your child well and make sure they know what to expect in preschool, they will be able to adapt more easily. Getting into preschool Singapore will be one of the most memorable experiences you can share with your child. Enjoy it! 


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