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Who are the real competitors of big companies like Amazon?

Amazon is easier for its customers to use than other retail e-commerce websites, like eBay or Amazon. Among the things that set it apart are its better search and query, recommendations based on what you’ve already bought, one-click ordering at checkout, multiple customer reviews, and most recently, dash buttons for automatic re-ordering. Amazon has a more complete picture of its customers when they have Prime membership. This includes information about how often people shop online, what they like to do for fun, and where they live.

All of this helps Amazon make its online experience more tailored to the needs of its customers, and keep testing and improving the way it works and what it looks like. When it comes to the real competitors of Amazon, this is now the time to talk about them


Everyone knows about eBay. This website was one of the first to sell things to other people through an online marketplace. Over time, eBay has changed and become more than just a way for people to buy and sell their own new or used goods. It has become a lot more than that. Today, eBay is used for B2C sales as well as C2C sales.

eBay is in second place when it comes to the number of people who visit marketplace websites. It has about 20% of the market share. It looks like a lot of people are visiting eBay. It’s almost twice as big as Walmart, and we already know how well Walmart does in the online world.

When people can bid on things and connect with each other online, eBay is a big rival to Amazon.


If you compare Flipkart to the other companies on our list, it’s a little younger than them. As soon as it was started in 2007, this Indian-based ecommerce platform became the country’s biggest online store. Walmart bought 77 percent of Flipkart’s stock, making the company worth $22 billion.

As long as Walmart owns the majority stake in Flipkart, there’s no way to know where the company will go from here.

More than 100 million people have signed up for Flipkart so far. One of Amazon’s main competitors is a platform that is easy to use, has a mobile app, and has good customer service. It looks like Flipkart will keep making money for a long time to come because it has so many different kinds of goods.


If you want to buy something online in Japan, you can use Rakuten. Over $2.3 trillion worth of retail ecommerce sales are made each year by the company, which is a lot. Some time ago, Rakuten had 14.1% of the global ecommerce market in terms of retail sales. Furthermore, they make up almost 10% of all ecommerce retail sales in Japan.

There were more than $134 billion worth of e-commerce sales in Japan through Rakuten alone in 2019. They bought so that they could have more of a global presence in the United States. isn’t the only ecommerce company that Rakuten owns. It also owns PriceMinster (France) and (UK). Besides that, they also bought companies like Ebates (cash-back rewards) and Viber (a video chat service) (VoIP software).

As Rakuten grows and buys businesses in different industries and countries, they will try to keep up with Amazon.


Amazon has a lot of different strategies that last longer than other businesses. In the same way, if you don’t have a lot of tools for on-boarding suppliers and managing product data, you’ll be able to offer a smaller selection of toys to people. For more information, you can go to Blog to read about them.

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