Chess Board Setup: Few Things You Need To Remember

A chess board setup is extremely important. It is the first thing people see, and for many players it is the most intimidating aspect of a chess game. You have to make sure that everything looks right before you ever even think about playing the game. One of the things that is often overlooked is the actual chess board setup itself. It is important to know where everything is.

Visible to players

The first thing you want to remember is that the chess board should be placed in a place where it will be visible to all of the other players. Your opponent can not see which side your pieces are on nor can they see the numbers on the chess pieces. In other words, you want to make sure that your pieces are out of sight to all but the other two players. If your pieces are hidden from your opponent then they cannot see how strong you are when it comes to strategy. You also want to make sure that the pieces are out of the way that they could get hit.

Solid red square

The right corner square should always be a solid red square. You should not have a bunch of different colors on your chess pieces individually. Before you place any additional pieces on the board just turn it over so you are looking at a solid red square in the right corner of the chess board setup.

Your queen should be positioned to the left of the rook, and your bishops should be placed next to your knights. This is the right part of the chess board setup for your rooks, so your rooks should face up and in the center of the chess board setup. Your queen should be placed to the right of the kings, so the chess pieces will all be lined up properly. Check that your kings are positioned correctly as well, because they should be positioned right beside the queens as well. After everything is in the correct positions, the last thing you need to do is place your rooks on the squares that form the edges of your chess board setup.

Set up a chess board properly

How to set up a chess board properly is important, because it is going to allow you to know how to control each of the chess pieces correctly. You will also be able to know which pieces you should move quickly in certain situations. You can use the checkers to move your pieces around in certain ways, but you will have to keep careful track of their movement. The pawns are the most important chess pieces that you will have, but they are not always the easiest ones to control. If you watch a professional chess game, you can learn a lot by watching the different chess board setup of each player.

Most important piece

One thing to remember is that the rook is the most important piece that is placed on the board, because it is the one with the most ability to attack. When you are trying to decide how to position your pieces, you will want to make sure that the rook is placed at the front and in the middle of the chess board; this is the number one spot. The next piece that needs to be in the proper position is the bishop. It should be placed next to the rook, so that it can protect the rook, and also be able to make attacks against the other pieces.

Memorize the positions

You can easily memorize the positions of all the chess pieces when you memorize the chess board setup. You will need to make sure that your chess board has a white board with a black squares where the pawns can move around. The numbers that you will use to put on your chess pieces will be very easy to memorize as well. In chess board games, the more numbers you have on your pieces, the better chance that your pieces will be able to stay alive during a chess match. The rook, bishop, and queen should all be on the board at the same time; this makes it easier for your pieces to remain alive. Once you get the hang of these notations, you will notice that there are many other things that you will want to memorize as well.

When you are playing chess, you will need to remember that sometimes the squares on the chess board will change. The squares that have fewer numbers on them will be harder for your pieces to stay alive on. You will want to make sure that you do not touch any of the squares that are numbered, unless you are being promoted. Also, if a piece is in a square that is not your move square, you will want to make sure that you do not try and move that piece as well. These are some of the best tips that will help you to have an easier time with the chess board, and avoid losing valuable points due to having pieces get out of position on the board.

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