What Kind of Eyes are Attractive?

We all are different from each other. We possess different traits even members of the same family can have unique features. However, the prominent feature that is widely noticed by everyone in the eyes. It can even vary to a greater extent from person to person.

The eyes get appraised to be the most attractive facial feature of our body. People often say that eyes are the windows to the soul. They are one of the foremost things we see about a person. Everyone’s eyes are blisteringly unique and attractive, together with the eye colour.

The coloured part of the eye is termed the iris, and it pedals the size of the pupil. We use our eyes to show our emotions and interests. We use our eyes for our sensations and our interests. When people wake up, their pupils, the dark circles in the centre of the eye, get bigger. This gesture of encouragement is considerably appealing and found attractive to men, but correspondingly to women, even when we do not consciously feel it.

Even though some people go for Double-eyelid Surgery to get floppy eyelids or eye bags, and in addition, this surgery also changes the appearance of the eyelids. In this surgery, creases are formed in the upper eyelids to create double eyelids, and it is done by a surgery called Blepharoplasty.

Eyes are the key to attract people in all possible ways. There are certain kinds of eyes that attract people the most. Let’s discuss further the types of eyes that are that attractive.

Attractive kinds of Eyes

Following are some kinds of attractions that show a high amount of allure towards people:

Almond-shaped Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes have upswept corners above them. People with almond eyes are often passionate and loyal. Whether the eyes are double-eyelid or not, the eyes of the Asian people are called Almond shaped eyes.

Almond eyes are large, bright and ideal as far as eye shapes go. Almond eyes are like almonds in which the outer part of the eye is large and round, and the inner corners of the eye are narrow. The almond-shaped eyes have their uniqueness and are intensely expressive. Therefore, these are the most desired eye shape as they always seem to be proportional and sensual.

Violet Eyes

Violet is an actual but rare colour of the eye. It is a formula for blue eyes. Iris requires a unique type of texture to create a light scattering type of melanin oil to create a violet appearance. These days, having purple eyes is just a procurement away, as purple eye contacts are not too hard to arise. But long before, contact lenses were invented, and the eyes were so blue that they looked violet. They were rare, so closing your eyes to someone who had a phenotype would be a noticeable experience.

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most famous violet coloured eye people in history and was known as the beauty icon. Whenever the light hit on her, her eyes beheld as if they had been shot with indigo tint.

Marvellous Big Eyes

Big eyes often give you a baby look and are a sign of adolescence. Super large eyes are linked to the baby features that make you look very innocent and attractive. Big eyes make a female look more attractive and striking than males. If your eye socket is naturally shallow, your eyes will look bigger and you will match the characteristics of a child.

Deep Brown Eyes

These kinds of eyes are often referred to as enigmatic or mysterious. If you have darker or deeper brown eyes, it means that more melanin is presented in your system. It is also said that people with brown eyes are less susceptible to medical conditions such as macular deterioration, an eye tumour, and diabetic retinopathy, which seems like a good situation for us. Therefore, there is every single reason to rejoice in having the most shared eye colour.

Hazel-coloured Eyes

Hazel eyes are also considered to be one of the most attractive kinds of eyes. But, only 5% of the total population has the Hazel eyes genetic mutation. This is the reason this beautiful eye colour is so rare worldwide.

This eye colour is the combination of having a smaller amount of melanin as with green eyes and a large proportion of melanin like brown eyes to make this eye colour inimitable. People with Hazel eyes are the most colourful around the edge of the iris as they are a mixture of gold, brown and Green filled in the centre. In addition, the Hazel eyes are more reflective than the other eye colours and can be significant for both the world, health and attractiveness. 

Light Blue-colored Eyes

Light blue colour eyes are genetically recessive. Only 8% of the total population worldwide has light blue eyes. Blue eyes similarly contract their colour as the water and the sky gets their blue colour. They scatter light in such a way that more blue light reflects outside. Blue eyes contain less melanin than the other eye colour. That is why photophobia is more dominant in blue eyes. No doubt, only 8% of the population has blue eyes, but still, after hazel eyes, these are found to be the most attractive eye colour.

Deep Green-colored Eyes

Green eyes are the rarest coloured eye worldwide. Only 2% of the total population are blessed with this beautiful eye colour, and that is the reason these deep green-coloured eyes are also one of the most attractive kinds of eyes.

Green eyes are a combination of low melanin levels in the iris, which unites with the scattering of light and causes a blue shade. This blue shade gets mixed with the lipochrome, a yellow pigment. So, when yellow and blue get mixed up, they make up the most beautiful and rarest eye colour called Green. 

Eyes with Healthy Sclera

It is said that the most beautiful eyes in the world at all times have a healthy and vigorous sclera which adds colour to the iris. In almost more than 80% of the eyes, the sclera upholds the shape of the eye and defends it from serious impairment.

Many situations can become the basis for sclera to appear other than white, such as liver sickness, splintered bone disease, and many more. But when the sclera is hale and hearty and looks normal, it is bright and white and shows any kind of beautiful colour that lies in the centre.

Final Words

The above information provides us with the perspective about the most attractive eyes ranging from Hazel to Brown Eyes. Nevertheless, if we see dominance over attraction, brown eyes rule the world as they are found in the majority.


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