No more Challenges in Wearing Bikni dress This Summer-Cosmetic gynecologist

Women with inappropriate labia structure have difficulty in various activities like running, walking, swimming, other sports activities, and even while having physical intercourse with their partners. The worst is when they can’t wear the best bikni because of it. And for all such issues, one should consult cosmetic gynaecologsit for the genital areas reshaping.

It is the widely demanding professional surgeries for females all around the world. During this surgery, the expert doctor’s aim is to improve the function of genital parts with the best aesthetic women’s private parts.

Looking for the best consultant for designer vagina and solution for all your reproductive organ problems? If yes, then consult Dr. Ruchi Bhandari, the most suggested and recommended Cosmetic gynaecologist in the capital city of Rajasthan, India.

After performing ‘N’ numbers of deliveries and gynaecologists operations, she realized that women need help to reshape or restructure their unformed labia or vagina, which occurs to them after childbirth or due to ageing.

However, Mishka IVF centre is the only clinic where you find Dr. Ruchi Bhandari for all female’s private problems. The Mishka IVF is the best hospital for female’s cosmetic surgeries with the latest technology equipment.

Read further to know more about cosmetic gynaecology meaning, how it is done. Also know more about Dr. Ruchi Bhandari, and why Mishka IVF is the best clinic for cosmetic surgeries.

Meaning of Cosmetic Gynecology

Cosmetic gynaecology is for female cosmetic genital surgery. The first thing to comprehend is the meaning of cosmetic gynaecology. Now, cosmetic means to look elegant, and gynaecology means a medical specialist who deals with a woman private organs. Hence, cosmetic gynaecology is the medical term that helps women’s to redesign or reconstruct their genital parts.

Further, it improves the design of vagina/vulva appearance; and vaginal rejuvenation to restore or recover sexual functions that are dissipated due to ageing and birth of the child.

The Procedure of cosmetic gynecology Includes

Cosmetic gynaecology is a comparatively new medical surgery in India. The gynaecologist either prescribe surgical treatment options and non-surgical treatment options. Let’s put a glance at these treatments.

Surgical Treatment Options

It includes 6 types of treatments under surgical methods, and they are:-

  1. Hymenoplasty: It is the cosmetic renovation, renewal of women’s hymen, also known as revirginization.
  2. Labia Minora Plasty: It is a process of reshaping or redesigning the inner lips of the female vagina.
  3. Labia Majora Plasty: The specialist performing the labia majora plasty for the outer lips of the vulva situated at the entrance of the vagina.
  4. Clitoral Hoodectomy: It is a method of removing the extra size and length of the clitoral hood. Because it leads to uncomfortable during sexual activity and reduces sensitivity, it is referred to as clitoral hood reduction surgery.
  5. Vaginal Tightening with Single Thread technique: A single thread is used for vagina tightening in this technique. This has brought many advantages like less surgical intervention, faster procedure, etc.
  6. Labia Majora Augmentation by fat grafting: The process of augmentation fat grafting is helpful for labia majora. As it helps in increasing the size of the vagina. And this process is feasible, effective, and safe.

Non – Surgical Treatment Options

The non- surgical options include 6 types of treatments.

  1. Vaginal Rejuvenation with Laser: It helps tighten the muscles of the vagina or enhance its look. The specialists will use the laser beam to make the tiny hole in the vaginal lining. And induce proper blood flow.
  2. Vaginal Rejuvenation with Radiofrequency: The doctor uses radiofrequency to tighten the inner and outer walls of the vagina. This treatment uses heat to rejuvenate the dead cells and skin texture.
  3. Laser Vulvar whitening: The process needs 10 to 15 minutes for completion, but it requires two to three-week sessions sometimes. The strategy aims to remove the dark colour tissue from the vagina part or even from the perineum with the help of a laser.
  4. Laser vulvar skin Tightening: It is ideal for post-menopausal women’s. Recently, it helps to treat vaginal laxity, POP ( pelvic organ prolapsed) etc.
  5. G-Spot Amplification: The process of G-spot amplification is to increase the size and delicacy of the G-spot. And the basic aim of this process is to boost the confidence and esteem of female’s.
  6. O-Shot® for female Sexual quality enhancement: The o-shot is a straightforward process used to treat a female with problems of sexual dysfunction. It helps enhance sexual arousal and rejuvenates the vagina. The main symptom that requires O-shot treatments are discomfort during physical intercourse, post-pregnancy symptoms etc.

Leading Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic

Mishka IVF clinic is the best and leading cosmetic gynaecology clinic in Jaipur city. Also, the IVF clinic has maintained successful results in cosmetic gynaecology treatment, together with the best motive of cultivating an effective system for various cosmetic surgeries.

Moreover, Mishka IVF clinic is in the centre of Jaipur, Pink city. Patients from different cities also come to Jaipur to visit Mishka IVF for the best treatments at economical prices.

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari – Best doctor for Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari gives you the best consultancy services related to the designer vagina and other genital areas. The doctor is a renowned consultant for gynecologists, infertility specialists and cosmetic gynecologists.

Moreover, Dr. Ruchi Bhandari has experience of 7+ years in this medical line. Also, she believes in providing the best treatments for her patients calmly and friendly. So, that patients do not feel hesitation while speaking about their problems.

Furthermore, she has completed her Master of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the year May 2014 and has been awarded the gold medalist from Pune University. Also, she has done Masters in Cosmetic Gynecology from Germany.

Final Analysis of the Blog

It is time to take out the best swim suit and have splashing holidays this summer. Science is now giving opportunity to every woman to get rid of that extra lagging skin or fat of labia and feel more beautiful and stronger than never before. At last, we conclude that Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is best for cosmetic gynecology surgery.


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