What Factors Can Contribute to Alcohol Dependence?

Alcohol dependence refers to a chronic disease in which an individual craves alcoholic drinks and cannot control their drinking. Someone suffering from this disease also needs higher amounts of alcohol drinks to receive the same effect. He or she starts experiencing withdrawal symptoms after they halt their alcohol use. It adversely impacts both the mental and physical health of a person. 

If you or anyone near you is dealing with alcohol dependence, it is critical to seek an alcohol addiction treatment service. Nowadays, you have the advantage of getting a personalised treatment for long-term recovery. It increases the chances of you experiencing lasting sobriety. 

Factors Responsible for Alcohol Dependence 

Some of the most widespread causes behind this dependence on alcohol are 

1. Biological factors 

There is a close link between alcoholism and biological factors like the physiology and genetics of a person. Some people can easily restrict the amount of alcohol they drink. In contrast, others experience an intense impulse to keep drinking more. Some people find themselves getting feelings of pleasure when drinking an alcoholic beverage. It causes their brain to find ways to repeat this behaviour. They’re at a high risk of developing dependence on liquor. 

Certain brain chemicals can also make a person more vulnerable to alcohol abuse. For example, it has been found out that alcohol dependence can be linked to 51 genes in different chromosome regions. When they are transmitted from one to the other generation, family members are more likely to develop dependence. 

2. Environmental factors 

Many researchers have investigated if a person’s proximity to alcohol stores influences their likelihood of developing alcoholism. It has been put forward that people who live near alcohol establishments develop a positive outlook on consuming it and engage themselves in this action. The general public is always inundated with alcohol advertisements that show the activity of drinking it as fun and exciting. 

The income of a family or a person can also influence this habit. Those who live in high-income neighbourhoods consume more alcohol than those who do not come from affluent backgrounds.

3. Social factors 

The culture, religion, and work environment significantly impact a lot of behaviours of a person. It includes drinking. Among all the social factors mentioned above, family exerts an enormous role in an individual’s chances of developing this condition. Kids who experience alcohol abuse increase their risk of spiralling into a pattern of drinking that is very harmful to their health.

People become vulnerable to alcoholism when they begin a new phase in their lives, like entering into a university or starting a new job. It is because during these phases, they seek new connections and relationships with friends and colleagues. Their need to accommodate themselves and become the desired person can lead them to engage in activities and behaviour that they usually would not.

4. Psychological factors 

Individuals deal with various scenarios in distinct ways. The way a person deals with their feelings can influence their behavioural traits. For instance, if a person is constantly under stress and anxiety, these conditions can push them to develop alcoholism. Over a short time, they will find drinking becoming a habit. They begin turning to alcohol to suppress and ease hard feelings.

Alcohol dependence can prove to be ruinous to a person’s physical and mental health. Always remember that you have the option of bettering the quality of your life by seeking alcohol addiction treatment. The rehabilitation treatment facilities focus on different aspects of alcohol dependence to prevent patients from experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

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