The purpose and objectives of the course work

Course work is the final stage of studying a certain discipline, the purpose of which is an in-depth study of some little-studied, topical problem.

The most common purpose of the course work are the following provisions:

  1. Learn to process the material independently.
  2. To deepen, expand and consolidate their theoretical knowledge.
  3. Prepare for the thesis.
  4. Learn to formulate and consistently express their views, as well as build logical evidence.
  5. Learn to publicly present their scientific work and defend their opinion.

The general purpose of the course work is indicated in the introductory part, where the author must also justify the relevance of the topic, tasks, research methods, etc. Describing the purpose of your work, you need to use the correct wording: the verb “do” should be replaced by words such as “establish”, “reveal”, “discover”, “determine”, etc. The author must clearly and in his own words describe the purpose of the work, comparing different points of view and statements that relate to the problem under study.

The goal affects the content of the whole work. After studying the literature, it is necessary to identify the main problem and decide how to solve it. The answer to this question will be the purpose of the course work, which will be the basis for creating a plan, theoretical and practical part.

The purpose is the result of the work for which the course was performed. This is the most important question, the essence of which is to reveal the topic of scientific work. A clear goal will add logic and system to all the work and will help to define its tasks.

Usually, the course work has one or two goals, and several tasks, it all depends on the topic. The following formulations are mainly used as course work tasks:

  1. Study of the object’s activity.
  2. The study of theory.
  3. Characteristics of the object.
  4. Development of methods to improve the activities of the object.
  5. Assessment of financial condition.
  6. Analysis and evaluation of the operation of the object.

All tasks of scientific work must correspond to the topic and goals. If the course consists not only of the theoretical part, but also of the practical part, then the number of tasks will be greater.

Clearly set tasks will help the author to determine in advance the ways of researching the chosen topic and its relevance.

Tasks must be specified in a certain order, ie in the sequence in which the author will disclose them in the process of writing a course. First there should be tasks that relate to the theoretical part, and then those that are practical in nature. The latter type also includes tasks related to innovation proposals and ways to improve the operation of the object.

Therefore, having determined the purpose of the course work, the student must clearly imagine how he will go to it, because the ways to achieve it are the tasks of his scientific work. Properly set tasks should describe the sequence of actions required to achieve the goal.

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