Does PEMF Help Blood Flow?

Since its invention and approval, PMEF has shown miraculous benefits for human health and wellbeing. From physical pain to mental illnesses, healing to recovery and restoration, PEMF has never failed in meeting the ultimate goal. One of the potential benefits of PEMF is its ability to help with blood clots and improve the flow of blood in vessels.

Treatment with PEMF therapy involves placing a specialized PMEF ring, paddle, or pad which uses a pulsating magnetic field over the site of pain or injury. The device emits low-energy PEMFs which penetrate into organs, bones, muscles, or tendons. These pulsed electromagnetic fields interact with the body’s cellular metabolism to generate energy. This energy boost, in turn, helps low-energy cells to function more healthily.

Virtually all PEMFs, and even static magnets, improve circulation and help blood clots through at least 7 mechanisms.

1. Through vasodilation

2. reduction of oedema, which constrains circulation

3. reduction of platelet aggregation

4. reduction of fibrinogen and improvement of fibrinolysis

5. A few evidence also show that PEMFs change the pliability of red blood cells, allowing them to move through capillaries more easily

6. reduction of inflammation

7. Apparent effect on the saline content of the blood, making it more slippery, thereby decreasing viscosity.

PEMF Therapy improves blood circulation, prevents blood clots, regulates blood pressure, and generally strengthens the cardiovascular system. Let’s discuss in detail.

Promotion of Nitric Oxide Production:

Numerous cells in the body produce nitric oxide; be that as it may, its production by the vascular endothelium is especially significant in the regulation of blood flow. Decreased production of nitric oxide, as happens in various illness states, can unfavorably influence blood flow and other vascular capacities. Nitric oxide is one of a handful of the gaseous flagging molecules known and is furthermore excellent because of the way that it is a radical gas. It is a vital vertebrate biological courier, assuming a part in natural biological processes.

The March/April 2009 Esthetic Surgery Journal distributed a review: “Evidence- Based Use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in Clinical Plastic Surgery” that sums up the progress in the comprehension of the physiological impacts of PEMF treatment on cells and tissues.

 Increase in Blood and Lymphatic Circulation:

The arteries and veins in the circulatory system are directly connected with the lymphatic framework. As the blood and lymphatic vessels carry oxygen and supplements to the cells and eliminate their byproducts, they are sustaining and detoxifying the cells, tissues, and body. As PEMF treatment precisely animates veins and bloodstream, the blood vessels siphon blood and oxygen into the cells. All the while, PEMF treatment precisely invigorates the lymphatic vessels, and waste products are pulled away from the cells all the more proficiently. PEMF therapy upholds the immune system by precisely animating lymphatic waste and blood flow.

Increased Cellular Membrane Permeability

It has since been set up that magnetic fields utilized in PEMF therapy can impact ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate) creation; increment the supply of oxygen and supplements through the vascular and lymphatic frameworks; work on the evacuation of waste by means of the lymphatic framework, and help re-balance the conveyance of ions across the cell membrane. Normal healthy cells in tissue have a voltage contrast between the internal and external membrane alluded to as the membrane resting potential likely that reaches from – 70 to – 80 mV. This causes a consistent progression of ions through its voltage-dependent particle channels.


PEMF is an excellent non-invasive therapy to help reduce blood clotting and improve blood circulation throughout the body. If you have been using high risk blood thinning medicines for blood clots and have not considered using PEMF therapy yet, now is the time. Take a step ahead towards a healthy lifestyle and thank PEMF therapy later.

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