What to Do If Your Human Rights are Violated

Every person on this planet has certain basic rights. Protecting these rights is the core of many legal systems across the world. One point of controversy is what society, or more simply put, any individual should do when their human rights are violated by someone else who has power over them.

If you feel that someone violates your human rights, you should consider the below steps. Along with that, you can consider getting assistance from Human rights lawyers London. They would be able to help you with this.

Identify The Infringement

The first step is to identify if someone’s actions or words actually infringe upon your basic human rights; what kinds of rights do you have? Do they include freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom to practice any religion (or lack thereof), or to pursue education? Have these been violated by someone else, and if so how?

Seek out sources to support your case, such as laws that apply in the area where you live. If no law directly applies, see if there are any legal precedents that can give you some direction for your complaint.

Consider Who Can Be Held Responsible

Figure out who’s responsible for protecting human rights in your area. You may be able to voice your concern directly, or you may need to go higher up the chain of command (e.g., talking with a local representative could lead to talking with their superior, and so on). It can also help if you have the support of someone higher up the chain, but be aware that this may open you up to retaliation by those lower down.

If possible, make your complaint known in writing with a clear list of violations and evidence to back it up. If this isn’t practicable, try giving a detailed account verbally.

There are two types of human rights violations: active and passive. In an active violation, someone acts in a way to directly infringe on human rights, such as stealing from someone or killing them. Besides, passive infringement is less direct, and you can be part of a group that has their basic rights infringed upon over time due to the actions of others.

Consider Your Options

There are various civil and criminal actions you can take when your human rights have been violated. These ranges from direct legal action such as taking someone to court to direct physical retaliation against an individual (e.g., violence) or against their property (e.g., vandalizing).

Generally, it’s best to focus on direct legal action first. It can be easier and less dangerous for you and typically will have the highest chance of getting your rights enforced or your complaint addressed. However, if this doesn’t work, other options may be required.

Be Aware of the Consequences

If you get your rights successfully enforced, this may cost someone else money. They may not be happy about this, and they might retaliate. Therefore, it’s important to consider who you’re taking action against and what they may do in response. While a human rights violation is a terrible thing, it isn’t a license for revenge, nor should it be a way to get yourself (or your friends and family) hurt or killed.

Every person has certain fundamental rights, but each society has different rules for enforcing them. So it’s essential to know the systems in place where you live – what can be done and who should do it? What other options might there be if the legal system doesn’t work for you?

Be Aware of Your Rights

If an action or words infringe on your fundamental human rights, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean you should be subject to verbal or physical abuse. Instead, it means someone else has stepped over a line and acted illegally; they brought the situation upon themselves. The law is there to protect you, not to give people the right to abuse you.

Don’t be afraid of them if someone tries to intimidate or threaten you for lodging a complaint. They act in ways they shouldn’t and show their true colors; let them prove that kind of behavior instead of blaming themselves if they lose control. In general, bullies hate being stood up to and will back down if you don’t give them what they want.

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Human rights are an important part of modern society. But, unfortunately, they’re often breached in some way by someone. If you feel that your rights are violated, don’t hesitate to take action. Even if the process is complex, you have the right to live your life free from interference and infringement on your fundamental freedoms by others.

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