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Park View City

Initiative of The Housing Society

Park View City is the housing society program that aims to develop different housing societies in different cities of Pakistan so that more people can take the benefit from their future planning and customer care policies. A plot or a home in a housing society is way better than buying a house or plot in some random place. It is because if one goes for buying a plot or house in any place randomly in his city, he would face certain issues as well.

 Most of the time the house owners are eager to sell their houses and they do not tell the honest condition of the surrounding areas. That’s why if a person tends to buy a house in some random place in the city, he has to make sure that the area has enough supply of water. He has to check the availability of electricity and load shedding hours. He needs to monitor the security of that area. If that person has a family then he needs to opt for a place that has a good school nearby.

People do not only need a house to live, rather they want a place where they can spend the rest of their lives in peace. They need to see how far the market is from that selected place. They need to consider the location of that place as well to check whether the main areas of the city are easily accessible from the location of their houses or not.

Why Park View City?

Park View City is an LDA-approved project whose main aim is to make people satisfied with the choice of the place that they have selected. Park View City provides plots of all sizes. They provide the plots for residential purposes as well as for commercial purposes. Moreover, they have been very successful to attract a number of buyers as well as investors towards their housing society.

 They do not only offer the plots, rather they also provide already made houses to their customers. The material used in the construction of those houses is of very fine quality. Moreover, the houses are designed under the supervision of very talented engineers. These houses are decorated by professional interior designers as well. 

Customer Service

There are different types of houses available in Park View City. There are houses with two rooms, houses with three rooms and houses with more rooms as well. The empty houses are available as well as fully furnished houses are also available. It depends on the customer and what type of house he chooses.

Moreover one can also order them to construct a house on the empty plot according to the design that the customer wants. That construction crew is also provided by the management of Park View City. The customer is fully allowed to come and see the process of construction. The prices of the plots vary according to the area that they are covering. The prices of ready-made houses vary according to the number of rooms and the interior decoration.


Park View City has two housing societies In Pakistan. One is in Lahore while the other is in Islamabad. The location of both of the societies is ideal according to the cities they have located in. Park View Society has its official website. One can go to the website and all the information required.

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