Kratom in Maine: Difference Between Red and White Strains

What makes red kratom and white kratom different from each other? It’s all in their alkaloids, say experts. The most abundant alkaloid present in the leaves of kratom is mitragynine. But, the leaves also harbor other alkaloids like 7-hydroxy mitragynine. 

When you consume kratom in a low dose, the alkaloids in it give you euphoric and energizing effects, while the same kratom in a high dose can sedate you. 

The number of alkaloids present in red and white strains is different. That’s what makes them different. 

Before we explore more about the differences between red and white strains of kratom in Maine, let’s peep into their similarities. 

What’s common between red and white strains?

The alkaloid mitragynine is common between red and white kratom strains. This alkaloid is present abundantly in both strains. 

So what does it imply?

It implies that both strains can provide relaxation. White ones like the White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules is great for relieving pain. At the same time, the red one is known to energize and is a great thing to have in the morning to kickstart your day. 

Difference between red and white strains 

Red strain is more sedating. 

White strain is more stimulating. 

This major difference is due to the presence of different alkaloids in each strain. 

Before you buy this Asian herb from a kratom shop near you, it is good to know about the strains, their similarities, differences, doses, and what effects they produce. This helps you make the right choice. 

Red kratom has a high amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which produces a powerful sedating effect. This is what makes the red strain more sedating than other strains. According to experts, if you are not careful with the dose of red strain, you could feel sleepy or drowsy. 

White kratom, with its abundant mitragynine, produces a powerful euphoric effect, plus makes the user highly alert. Also, it induces mental clarity. 

So, in a nutshell

The presence of abundant 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloid in red strain makes it different from white strain. 

The presence of abundant mitragynine alkaloids in both strains gives them a common feature. 

Maine kratom shop offers all strains of kratom. Pick the one that you want, depending on why you want it. 

Importance of kratom doses

The dosage has a critical role to play in the effects that you feel after consuming a particular strain of kratom. As per a general rule, kratom in low doses is more energizing. In high doses, it is more relaxing or sedating. 

Yet, effects are not the same for everybody. 

Studies have also shown that factors like a user’s body weight, body size, age, and experience in using kratom before also contribute to the effects. Many users report that they feel jumpy or nervous after taking a high dose of white strain. While the same strain in others may make them feel sleepy at the same dose. 

So, before you rush to buy kratom near you, know exactly what you want the kratom to do for you. With a bit of practicing with the strains and doses, you will know what ‘clicks’ for you. 

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