Top Five Netflix Series Which Are Ruling The Ott Platform

It is common knowledge that Netflix has a variety of content to offer to its subscribers and sometimes people get really confused as to which show they should be watching because different mouths recommend different shows. However, this list of ours is going to clear any sort of confusion that you have about the top five most popular series which are streaming on Netflix and the ones you must not miss at any cost.


A lot of things are happening in this show at the same time and that keeps the narrative fast-paced and interesting. The ordeals that the once close-knit family has to face after an incident occurs is what makes this show so much interesting to watch. If you have got nothing better to do, then do watch it right away and join the fans in campaigning for its next season. The Next Hint has clearly mentioned in one of their articles that Bloodline Season 4 is not going to happen in the near future.


The Last Kingdom has to be one of the most finely crafted socio-political dramas which revolves around the struggles to get to power in the late 800s of the British Kingdom. The show presents a captivating story to its viewers over a span of a few seasons which is a truly delightful thing to watch. Another thing is that the next season of this show is scheduled to release anytime soon, so you must catch up with it if you have not already done it.


Money Heist is currently the most popular show in the world and the reason behind that is that the first half of its fifth season just rolled out. The show is about a group of outlaws who will go to any lengths to execute a heist, which despite being full of flaws, will eventually succeed in the end. The Spanish show has made fans all around the world and its fever is not coming to an end anytime soon.

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Stranger Things is everything that defines Netflix. A quirky, thrilling and sci-fi show which depicts the story of a small town which is full of absurd incidents (or strange things) taking place. The acting performances of this show are truly amazing as the show has given to Hollywood some of the most iconic actors ever. You must watch this show for brilliant performances from Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbour.


If you think that we have been praising this show a lot too lately, then let us clarify that this show deserves every single compliment which is directed towards it. Don’t believe us? Watch it for yourself and then tell us that we were wrong about it.

Which one of the above-mentioned shows have already made you a fan of theirs? If there is any show which you are still to watch from our list, you should watch it right away. Also, do check out our other lists on different Netflix shows which you must watch on some specific occasions.


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