8 Great Tips To Prevent Rugs From Sliding

The rugs and carpets no doubt create a very effective and decorative touch to your home. So, the rugs and carpets creep, crawl, and slide across the floor. They not only look odd but can cause potential hazards. A significant number of people are taken into emergency because of falls from loose rugs or carpets.

The simplest solution is to remove all the rugs and carpets from the floor. Thus, you can’t do this. As area rugs and carpets add a very attractive and enchanting outlook to your home floor. Moreover, it also makes the hard floor so comfortable, warm, and noise-free. Here are 9 great tips to prevent sliding from rugs. And to keep the rugs in comfort and style.

List Of Content:

  1. Rubber Shelf Liners
  2. Rubber Waffle Rug Pads
  3. Natural Rubber Pads
  4. Carpet Tape
  5. Silicone Caulking
  6. Hot Glue
  7. Rug Pins
  8. Hook And Loop Anchors
  9. Place To Buy High-Quality Aqua Rugs
  10. Conclusion

Rubber Shelf Liners:

These rubber shelf liners are the same ones that keep the dishes and glassware in position. So, they are used to keep the rugs and carpets in position. To prevent the rugs from slipping. Thus, it is similar in function to rubber waffle rug pads. But are much more budget-friendly options than waffles.

 Moreover, they have one big downside. As they have thin widths like 12 inches.  So, to create a large pad. You need to sew, glue, and tap multiple shelf liners altogether. 

In addition, care should be done to avoid any damage by shelf liners to the floor.

Rubber Waffle Rug Pads:

The rubber waffle pads are thin and sold in a pre-cut standard rug size. Moreover, rug pads are super affordable, easy to install and hold the rugs in place. You can buy high-quality rubber waffle rug pads online and from any home furnishing and home improvement retailer. 

In addition, rug pads don’t provide much padding. And they also lose their grip when dust or dirt settles on them. So, there is a risk of damage to floor finishes too.

Natural Rubber Pads:

They are made with solid grid surfaces. So, they work so well with thin, flat-weave rugs and carpets. Moreover, they are made with natural rubber. That’s why they are far more expensive than waffle pads. 

But the big plus is that they don’t cause damage to floor finishes. However, natural rubber pads don’t provide much cushion. But provide protection from rugs slip.                   

Carpet Tape:

So, using carpet tape will keep the rug or carpet in place. Thus, apply the tape on the back of the rug and make it stick to the floor. Moreover, you can double the layer by adding carpet tape to protect the rug pad on the floor. 

Silicone Caulking:

It comes in squeezable tubes and in caulking guns for applying silicone to the floor. Moreover, you can buy a colorless and colorful silicone tube. In addition, silicone caulking acts as gripping material.

 Same as in some socks to prevent slip and trips on bare floors. So, simply apply the silicone in dots or grip form on the back of rugs or carpets. And wait for the silicone to dry well before placing the rug on the floor.

Hot Glue:

Hot glue can also be applied to the back of the rug or carpet. So, it will help in preventing slip. However, hot glue is not much more durable than silicone.  Moreover, it gets dry quickly. And make sure to test the temperature of the glue. As it may not damage the fibers of your rug or carpet.

Rug Pins:

If you want to layer your wall-to-wall carpet with a rug. So, then use rug pins to hold the edges and corners of the rugs. Thus, these rug pins are angled to protect the aqua rugs. And also the underlying carpets from piercing the floor. Moreover, the flat head of the pin makes it so clear and less visible.

Hook And Loop Anchors:

Hooks and loops anchor function the same as the kid’s shoe enclosures. So, each side of the anchor is adhesive in nature. Which is stuck to one side of the rug. Thus, the two sides align together. This will form a resilient bond that will hold the rugs together in place. 

Place To Buy High-Quality Aqua Rugs:

Now the real quest is to purchase a top-quality yet affordable rug. So, you don’t have to worry anymore. There is a one-stop location for you all that sells promising quality and fair prices rugs and carpets. Moreover, you can buy Aqua Rugs from them. And make them a style statement of your home.


Rugs and carpets no doubt give a super attractive look to your home. But when they usually come from shipping or just bought. Thus, they have wrinkles, curls, etc. Moreover, if they are placed without any grip or adhesive. They can cause potential hazards like slipping, tripping, and other major injuries. 

So, simply follow the above guidelines to make your rug or carpet slide-free.  Like using rugger pads, silicone caulking, hot glue, natural rubber pads, and carpet tape. Thus, to keep your rugs and carpets in place.

 However, there are a variety of rugs in the market like Aqua Rugs, faux fur rugs, and etc. So, always prefer a rug that is more slide-resistant in nature.

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