3 Reasons why your Company needs a Trademark

There are many kinds of businesses that can be found in Singapore and they come from different industries. All of these businesses benefit from the relaxed and easy policies that Singapore imposes on the entities that are located on it. They have been the ones that run the economy of Singapore and make it one of the most successful ones in the world. These businesses come from all kinds of sectors such as mining, engineering, food, healthcare, and even environmental. 

There are many policies that cover these businesses from the company incorporation Singapore procedure to the way it is being operated. They are implemented to maintain the quality and standard of the way business is being done. One example of business policies that can help your business is registering a mark.

What is a trademark?

After you set up company in Singapore, there are still many processes that you will have to go through. One of those is registering a trademark for your company. A trademark is a sign to distinguish the goods and services that you are offering. It is an important part of your business because it serves as a communication tool between you and your consumers. After you set up company in Singapore, it may be hard to introduce your products to the market, especially in crowded ones. A trademark can help you get across your branding and increase customers. 

This can be anything that would set you apart from your competitors. It can be a sign, letter, word, image, drawing, or label. However, there are also certain restrictions to it. There are also other marks that you can register after the company incorporation Singapore procedure, here are some of them.

● Collective mark – used to separate goods and services that are offered by members of the organization in comparison to those offered by non-members.

● Certification mark – used to distinguish goods and services certified by the owner of the mark from other non-certified goods. It may also indicate some characteristics of the commodity being offered.

When you set up company in Singapore, it gives you the advantage to acquire more certifications and registrations after that. These kinds of government-issued certifications increase credibility. So, here are some reasons to register your trademark after you set up company in Singapore.

Reasons to register

#1 Prevents others to register similar or identical marks

After the company incorporation Singapore registration, you can immediately jump to registering your trademark to ensure that other similar businesses or entities can get a hold of your potential trademark. This way, you can have a protected and unique trademark as the face of your business. This is also a way to protect your intellectual property and make sure that your ideas are yours to use.

A unique trademark increases attractiveness and can mean more clients. Some clients often look at the originality and uniqueness of the company before making a purchase. This is one of the reasons why having a registered trademark after the company incorporation Singapore process is important.

#2 Easier to use a registered one

There are many business transactions that require you to present a trademark. There are also some transactions that are easier when a registered trademark is involved. Registering your trademark can make sure that these kinds of transactions after the company incorporation Singapore process would go smoothly. 

As stated, registering it also serves as a protection for your intellectual property. A registered trademark can only be used by you and you alone. So, if a different company or entity used your mark in the future, you can legally file a complaint against them and make claims. However, if you are not registered you will not have any hold from anyone that may copy your trademark.

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#3 Provides credibility

A trademark provides credibility after you set up company in Singapore. Having a registered trademark from the government increases trust between you and the client as this means that you have all legal documents to run a business. Every government-issued certificate provides and offers legitimacy proof to your clients. This means that there can be more customers and clients attracted to your goods and services.

Hire a helping hand today

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