11 Timeless Kitchen Trends with Kitchen Countertops

Are you planning to revamp the cooking area by 2021? When you consider remodeling your kitchen countertops, while fashionable designs can be attractive, it is essential to remember that they are only fashions. Most of the time, they will eventually get outdated, and that’s the final thing you would want to happen with a kitchen renovation: you’re paying the majority of your earnings. When you remodel, it’s recommended to choose an elegant kitchen design that can stay fashionable for at least many years and offer the functionality you require for your daily requirements without deteriorating. The ideal design you should aim towards is timeless kitchen style.

Yet, despite all these passing trends, some classic kitchen designs are never going out of fashion. Also, since kitchens can be expensive to construct and renovate, looking at timeless trends in this area is a wise choice for homeowners. These are our top 11 trends for kitchens that you won’t regret.

What exactly is timeless kitchen design?

A timeless kitchen can meet your expectations and last for many years to come, all while maintaining functionality and style. The primary features that are timeless in a kitchen that you should look at are concrete kitchen countertops, cabinetry, backsplash, hardware, and the layout. Your kitchen must appear stylish. It’s great to have a trendy kitchen design that can appear and feel great or better and last for a long time. Here are some of the most classic kitchen design concepts! Here are styles that are trending right now and will endure due to their focus on lifestyle as well as convenience and saving money.

White kitchens:

White appliances are cleaner than stainless appliances, which tend to make you glance at them. In addition, white looks are trendy because they can blend with any design. As stainless has become a commodity and can no longer exclusive status it once did. But it will be a viable option.

Smaller appliances:

Minimal kitchens are popular these times. Micro-living is becoming popular with those in the millennial age and retirement. Homeowners who live in multigenerational homes are putting in tiny, second kitchens for adult children returning as well as elderly parents.

Shaker simplicity:

Trends change constantly. However, one trend that has been popular for over an entire century has been shaker cabinets. With recessed doors, the cabinets are clean and minimal, which makes it possible for designers to create any style from traditional to contemporary kitchens.

Whitestone countertops:

Stone countertops are fashionable because they’re sturdy and gorgeous. Particularly white marble and granite are two countertops that will remain fashionable for years to come since they can be paired with anything from wooden floors, stainless appliances, and bright accents.

Make islands look like furniture:

Islands aren’t an efficient workspace or an area where you can serve your lunch. Instead, islands serve as a focal point in contemporary kitchens. Usually with contrast counters and a dazzling woodwork design to give the illusion of furniture and colors for cabinets like navy add character. In addition to their utility and beauty, they’ll never go out of style!

Natural wood shine:

Like neutral colors and neutral shades, the natural colors of wood will never go outdated neither. These colors can be brought into your home by using wood flooring or cabinets, crown moldings, and many other accessories.

Classic white subway tiles:

Similar to shaker cabinets, this is another style that has been in use for more than one century. This is because the tiles create stunning, simple backsplashes that look great in old-fashioned kitchens and those with contemporary themes.

Make storage a priority:

Storage is not going to become outdated today, and there are more options than ever before. There is also the option of installing toe-kick drawers that provide the space needed for cookie sheets and cutting boards.

Explore with geometry:

There are many ways to incorporate geometric design into your kitchen. For example, the floors of herringbone are always trendy, and so is geometric tile work on kitchen backsplashes. Along with being classic designs, these types of backsplashes can add a lot of visual appeal in just the right spots.

Think about copper:

Copper was a key element in kitchens for a long time. In addition, doorknobs and drawer pull made of this metal can add warmth to kitchens, and today there are more ways to incorporate this metal, such as copper sinks and faucets.

Simple molds and woodwork:

It’s tempting to put in intricate crown moldings and trim around the home. However, the reality is that the complex is the woodwork is, the less timeless the style. So, for a kitchen that is truly timeless, choose simple woodwork in natural or painted shades so that it can be paired with anything!

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With expensive appliances, custom cabinets, and concrete kitchen countertops, pay an enormous amount of money at kitchens. It’s important to include traditional design elements into your kitchen that won’t ever go out of fashion. If you choose features that will last over time, you’ll save cash later on. Don’t be a slave to the latest color of the moment, and go with the above-mentioned timeless kitchen concepts that have been adored for a long time.


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