There are probably a myriad of types of hangers you have in your closet However, are you using the best ones for each piece of clothing? Every one of your treasured garments requires the proper accessory – one that can cater to the unique structure of each item. There are a myriad of choices to pick from: concave hangers, contour hangers as well as straight hangers.

What hanger type do you need to add to your closet? These are five hangers you can consider and the reason why.


Let’s begin with your shirt! Stop slippery and slippery fabric that slide off the hanger edges by buying shirts with the appearance of divots, or with rubber-tipped edges.

The blouses and shirts of women usually have hanging loops. That is where the divots can come to the rescue. While they may seem insignificant and unwelcome while you’re sporting your top, keep them in place and don’t eliminate them! They are designed to relieve the stress from the narrow portions of the shirt while it is hanging.

Thin baby’s coat hangers make an all-purpose hanger that is suitable for clothes. They’ll keep the form of your collar, and allow tops to hang naturally , without falling off or getting wrinkled.

For delicate fabrics such as silk, you can use velvet, padded or flocked hangers to ensure the fabric isn’t accidentally ruffled or handled improperly.


Hangers made of wood are an ideal option to hang your trousers. They’re durable, won’t break and some woods like cedar are able to fight off odors as well as repel insects (which is ideal for travel or even when you’re stored! ).

When hanging your slacks it is essential that these wooden hangers also come with trouser bar to prevent the pants in place from falling down. The more sturdy the trouser bar is, the better, as it’ll prevent your pants from creasing, which can affect their form.


The hangers for skirts should have clips that keep them in place, while reducing wrinkles. The hangers should be made of rubber coated clips that will not mark the fabric. If the clips can be re-adjusted then even better!

Similar to your shirts delicate skirts made of silk or chiffon will require hanging accessories made of velvet or padded styles.


For hangers for suits there are some things to must ensure you have. Suit jackets should be hung on wooden items with full-contoured shoulders that match the form of your jacket. The jacket should feature large shoulder flares and fitted trouser bars made of felted to match the pants. Make sure that the suit items are in good order!

Hangers for suits should be a good size in size, but they should not extend beyond where the shoulder is able to meet the sleeve of the suit. To ensure optimal support the trouser bar needs to be felted or flocked to avoid wrinkles and creasing.


The style of your outerwear usually has similar requirements to your suit hangers, with the exception of the trouser bar! Larger coats require an wood hanger that is contoured that is shaped to match the shape of the coat and will not bend under pressure.

For jackets and coats that are lighter Flocked hangers are the best choice for lighter coats and jackets. They are coated with soft material similar to hangers with padding, however they have the shape of a traditional hanger with a strong design.

They’re ideal for many types of outerwear , as well as heavier clothes. Flocked hangers also feature the appearance of a slimmer profile, which makes them practical and space-efficient for those who keep their coats in your closet.


Butler Luxury provides items that reflect extraordinary elegance. Their range of hangers does not meet the standards of their customers. Butler Luxury provides wooden suits coat, shirt and women’s hangers that come in various styles and designs.

If you don’t want to hang the most precious clothes on hangers that don’t look as tall as your shoulders, look through Butler Luxury’s amazing selection of high-end hangers that have been designed to hold your high-end objects. Their premium wooden hangers are custom-made and made to maintain the form of your collars, provide the support you need for your jacket, and hang delicate clothes.

Butler Luxury prioritizes the preservation of your clothes . We are providing you with the best equipment to give your clothing products the attention to detail they need.

Buy today your Butler Luxury hangerstoday for a classy addition to your closet. Make sure you get long-lasting, high-quality care for your most prized possessions!

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