The memoir, “And the Good News is…..” by Dana Perino is a true gem. 


It is no surprise that Dana Perino had the illusion of living the American dream. And her childhood couldn’t do anything to teach her to do so. A granddaughter of Italian immigrants, Perino lived much of her youth on a ranch in Wyoming. There, she discovered one of life’s most important lessons: being strong doesn’t mean being soft. And life is all about incorporating these traits in the best way possible. There’s a story leading up to this tenet, of course!

The episode that categorically taught Perino this happened when she was eight years old. She and her sister followed their grandparents on a journey until they saw that one of their horses had a fractured leg. Her grandparents had no choice but to kill her.


Dana was frightened and angry. Her grandfather gently placed his hand on her knee. He knew how she felt. And that made her feel better. It was then that Perino understood that shooting the horse was an act of kindness even as she shares her initial dilemma in “And the Good News is….

Well, almost every related newspaper published in the United States has subscribed to her father. And even though Dana was just in the third grade, he addressed at least two newspaper stories every day with her. Perino thinks this is where she’s got her intellectual talents.

Not too long after that, Dana begged her parents to attend the early Sunday church service so that she could go home and watch the morning talk shows. Yeah, at a time when most of us were only watching “DuckTales” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks!”

Apart from the personal life story of Dana, you will witness a whole lot of habits that let you survive politics.  The American economist Thomas Sowell once said that “consideration for others is like the investment of pennies and the return on dollars.” Dana Perino got more or less the same suggestion from Congresswoman Susan Molinari, and she had to share it with her fans. Politeness, to her, means giving credit and staying quiet to listen to other people’s views. That’s why she’s both a professional person and a true friend.

And you might be too. It’s not hard at all! As Emerson said, “Life is not so short, but there is always time for courtesy.”


Be willing to risk something if you wish to win something. It is a simple, but powerful approach. Change is needed, and regular adaptation is needed. And as you have evolutionary powers – you undoubtedly would be very good at adapting.

So, don’t think about it if you get a work offer in another city. Only accept it! Just accept it! You will usually always return. But with going on, the same is not true.

Dana Perino practiced it throughout her entire life, including though she was working as a waitress after a brief spell in Capitol Hill.

Look where it got her as you read her memoir, “And the Good News is…

Most of our readers undoubtedly already know Dana Perino as one of the few high-quality political pundits on TV. Still, we’re going to risk a bet that not all of you have ever taken the time to find out anything about her life.

As is the case for all actors, her life is very fascinating. In “And the Good News Is…” Perino recounts it, vividly and crisply, from her modest origins to her work on Capitol Hill. From ranches, oh, excuse me: rags! To the affluent, from the bushes to the Bush. It’s a kind of American book that dream lovers would love to read. It’s motivational and uplifting, it’s novel and informative. On the subject of the above, the book could be a good read to someone who wants to get advice or two on how to be more effective.

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