How to Solved Email Error [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6]

In our daily lives including communication, e-shopping, e-learning, e-business, and the list continue with speed and quality. Visualization of life without the internet is worse than a nightmare. Of course, the most vital end of the internet is the ease of communication. Today, multiple arenas are available for communication but the one via e-mail service is quite famous in the market. To discuss, a long list of free electronic mail providers are available including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Zoho, Outlook and many others.

Today millions, approximately 400 million, of the users around the world prefer using Microsoft Outlook as their primary email inbox. Outlook account enables the organization of an email into separate folders with a scheduling facility for sending mails. Additionally, provision of email templates, displaying email as conversation, sharing calendars, and blocking mail from specific senders are among some of the many features that Outlook Account offers. However, like any other mailing service, one may also face various technological challenges and failures using Microsoft Outlook Mail which pop on screen as email error codes. One of the most recurrent error that it throws is [pii_email_3a9d3c10845f8b9d77b2]. Let’s look into this type of error.

What is [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6]?

This type of error specifically occurs because of some degree of misconfiguration in software preferences certainly due to certain conflicts in simple mail transfer protocols (SMTP). These errors can be experienced by the users due to the installation of wrong usually the outdated or wrong versions of Microsoft Outlook, issues due to server authentication, user identities, passwords, and or the internet protocol address. Likewise, cache and cookies can also generate such types of the errors.

Fixing errors

There are multiple ways to explore this Microsoft office (MS) problem and consequently fix it. Below follows some of the easiest and efficient methods of solving [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] error.

Update/Reinstall MS office

Open the MS office on your computer, visit the files option, and select Account from the menu. Click the product information menu and then hit the update option on displayed on the screen. This will create a new option, finally, click Update Now option. A dialogue box stating, ‘Download Microsoft Updates’ will pop up on the screen, once the download is complete, the issue of mails sending and receiving might resolve.

One may also try re-installing Microsoft Outlook by clicking on start button on the taskbar, open the control panel, click on the program and features tab, click uninstall a program and choose Microsoft Office 365 from the list. After following the list of instructions displayed on the screen, user is done uninstalling the program. Reinstalling the program will eliminate most of the errors.

Using Programs and Features Tab

The user should try fixing the error by opening the Control Panel and then jump to Program and Features tab and select the most relevant application of Microsoft Office. Once the particular problem is chosen, a new window will pop up, click the fix option button, and in a step wise manner follow the guidelines given. Once the procedure is complete, restart outlook to check if the problem is fixed or not. In case of failure, try the next method.

Remove Cache and Cookies

To give a bird’s eye view, cache and cookies are the files created during browsing which eventually makes the online experience interesting and easier by saving all the data. These files consume space on memory and reduce the speed of system, creating email error codes, therefore these junk files must be cleared from the computer on regular basis.

Check for anti-virus software settings

The windows firewall and antivirus, at times, blocks the Microsoft Outlook from creating the secure internet connection using the email client. Try to disable the anti-virus program or built firewalls of windows by clicking on update and security in start menu, click the update option, and navigate for the windows security. Open the windows security option, select virus and threat protection and manage all settings, and finally disable it.

Delete Duplicate accounts

From the Menu bar in Outlook, jump to record-setting and click on mail tab. Select all duplicate accounts, and delete them. Restart your Outlook, to check for the error to be fixed.

Change port number

In outlook, select Account configuration, click on the settings box and choose from the list of email account. After this a new window will pop up on screen, click on ‘internet email settings’. Then press advanced tab option and port number can be updated from 465 to 587. Finally click okay to save and close all the changes.                  Restart outlook, to check is the error is fixed.

Applying one of these changes will surely fix the [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] error. Good luck!

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